Thursday, January 13, 2011

black swan love

i just want everyone to know, that if you have not seen 'black swan' yet, you best go see it. obviously its rated R so it is NOT for children, but it is honestly one of the most incredible movies i have seen in a very long time. it could quite possibly be the best movie i have ever seen.

i love all of the dance pieces in it and the intensity of everything throughout the movie is so...well, intense! i do highly recommend preparing yourself for this movie because it can be hard to handle and get through at some points. its definitely a psychological piece of work for your mind to comprehend. this movie is just absolutely beautiful though.

it makes me want to enroll in ballet classes. i love dance. and it just makes me want to get back into it all the more. it also made me love natalie portman and mila kunis all the more. they were incredible in this.