Sunday, March 27, 2011

the apartment hunt is over

thats right. i got the apartment i wanted. i am so excited. it took what felt like forever...i cant imagine what it will feel like when i buy a house. that will take so extremely long but i cant wait for the day that i actually can.  okay ANYWAYS. i found an apartment. i applied for the apartment. i got approved for the apartment. so now all i have to do is get down there and move in. i am so excited. only one more week ! exactly one more week until i leave and only eight days until i get to arizona. how amazing is this?

i seriously always talk about moving. i always say im going to go somewhere. then it just never works out and i feel like no one will actually believe me next time i say im getting out of this place. but this time, that is not true at all. i will be FINALLY leaving boise. i will be FINALLY starting my life. FINALLY having a new adventure. i did it all by myself too. thats another reason why this feels so great.

the apartment i got is a one bedroom, so i will be living by myself. its big ! and i get to paint it however i want. so be expecting a few more posts with interior decorating ideas. if any of you have any ideas let me know :) i would LOVE to hear them.

anyways i will post pictures as soon as i get there. im getting my new phone this week which means that i will be able to upload them FINALLY to here and have all those neat effects everyone has. i am SO excited. i just wanted to give everybody the update though before i get a move on with my day. i have so much to do again. its almost overwhelming. i hope everyone has a great day!

Friday, March 25, 2011

loving the inside of these insides.

i adore everything about all of these. don't you? i found all of them all on the apartment therapy website. SO FABULOUS. it just inspires me to make me want to decorate my new home so amazingly.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

what am i most excited about in my moving adventure ??

well...that is SUCH a hard question to answer. to be quite honest, there are too many things i am excited about. i cant just pick one.  lets start by me saying: moving to a new place, city, state, country can be terrifying in and of itself BUT i have been looking for jobs and apartments non-stop the past two weeks and doing any and all research that i can so i am so ready once i get there.  tonight i was hoping to stumble along a arizona blog of some sort. one that is like somewhat like mine or one that i have hope mine can be like someday.  i wanted to find a blog somewhat like "the rockstar diaries" because I love how she writes hers and I love what its about.  It doesn't have a fashion focus, or a "heres how to be a great mom" focus...its just her life and what she does everyday and the things that she enjoys. very simple.

anyways, i wanted to find an arizona blog like that (or at least a phoenix based one) AND I COULDNT ! do you know what this means? either a) I used very poor google searching skills (highly doubtful because i somehow can end up finding anything and everything) or b) there REALLY just is no blog like that.  EITHER WAY...i couldn't find one and this means that i, kaileigh elizabeth, will just have to be the first one to create a blog like this for arizona. i am SO excited.  this will give me a little more focus in this blog because instead of strongly disliking the place i currently reside, i can post pictures of myself actually going out and doing things and sharing that with you in a place i can call home that i LOVE.

enough about that though...after giving up my search, i decided to look up some things that i am so excited to do when i get there in two weeks. of course, i will have to get settled in and find a job before i can actually start going out and doing things (money will be tight for a little while).  but, i did find some things to do that i am just so seriously, incredibly, highly anticipating !

1. sprinkles cupcakes : there is a sprinkles in scottsdale !! hello cupcakes. hello heaven. okay okay so i have yet to try sprinkles (i did try magnolias and crumbs) but i am very excited to do so.

2. RA sushi : have any of you eaten here? this place is delicious. i went here two years ago with my best friend in the entire world jaemi botero and my other best friend sara rodriguez when we went to California. We ate at the RA in huntington beach. So DELICIOUS !

3. as seen in "the rockstar diaries", she and her husband go on a hunt around dc for the best burger. HELLO i love hamburgers ! "the grind" won "best burger" this year for arizona best so you can bet ill definitely be trying this place.  i dont want to copy her idea of hamburgers so i am going to go on a hunt for the best...something. what it is, i dont know yet. but im going to go on a hunt of some sort.

4. there are about 2039482039 shopping centers. need i say more ?

5. i get to paint my own apartment. its overwhelming the amount of possibilities there are for wall colors. ill make sure to post pictures when i do.

6. two pools at the complex i am going to rent from (cross your fingers !) i said about the shopping centers...need i say more ?

7. new job. new life. new friends. new adventures. new city. new state. new everything. i cant wait. new new new. this seriously will be the time for me to show people the real me. they will get to know me for me and not based off what they have heard from someone else because i dont know anyone.

8. music venues...gah i cant wait for the endless options of shows to go see.

9. as i was saying before with a "hunt for the best hamburger", apparenty "the main ingredient" has the best hot dogs. i love hot dogs. i know theyre for some and not for others but im really excited to tree these.

10. the main street art walk : all i know is its in mesa and it sounds neat !! why not go try it right?

11 the scottsdale art festival : i love any and all things art (paintings, theater, etc.) so i think this is right up my alley.

12. indie craft festival: diy and vintage...what else is there to say. anyone who knows me knows i love crafts. i also REALLY adore vintage too.

anyways theres not much right there...only twelve things. but i must be going to bed. ill show you other things im excited about tomorrow. i hope everyone has had a fabulous start to their week.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

a little style twin...

dear sister rylee,

you are so adorable and cute. i am so proud that i am your sister :)
i also love that you are dressed in black and white polka dots, a pink bow in your hair, and that your dress has a bubble hem. it makes me so very very happy! if you would please let me take you shopping for spring/summer clothes i would be the happiest sister in the world. you see, i don't think it'd be very hard to find cute things because you and i, well we seem to have matching tastes (as shown by these darling pictures).

also i just want to add that i dont ever want you to forget how amazingly talented you are. i gave up playing the piano because i didnt want to practice anymore. please dont ever do that. i look back all the time and am so sad with my decision because if i stuck with it i could have been absoultely incredible. YOU ARE absolutely incredible so dont ever let that go.

i love you.

love, kaileigh elizabeth.

Friday, March 11, 2011

mysterious ticking noise...

dont ask how i find these things...oh harry potter :)

can anyone guess where im considering moving :)

these two are the top options on my list of places to move. its warm all the time, sunny all the time, and no one has a blog based out of this place. ive been there once before with my best friend jaemi and i fell in love with it. i have a couple of friends in both places already and i honestly, deep down in my heart, feel like either of these would be such an amazing fit for me, as well as an incredible adventure.

wouldn't you love to pick up and start all over and get a fresh start? i mean...i don't even have the first idea about either of these places as far as shopping, restaurants, the road system, or anything of that sort. thats kind of the fun part of it though, right?

im thinking of this place for my own personal reasons. im not doing it for anyone but myself. i need out of idaho. out of boise. i know that wherever you go, you will most likely know somebody on the street, somehow, in someway, after you have lived there for a bit, but I JUST DONT WANT IT TO BE LIKE BOISE. i could walk around and pick out somebody i see and be connected to them in some way. its ridiculous. i want to go some place where i can show people who i am without them having heard or seen something or knowing things about me (whether theyre negative or positive!). i want to be myself and have people form their own opinions of me in the very beginning of me moving there, based on what i have shown them. so this is why i want to be somewhere where i hardly know anyone. it will push me to go out and make new friends, meet new people, find new experiences, and grow so much as a person and as a woman. i cannot wait. i need to make this happen. i have to make this happen. no excuses this time

if you think you know where  either of these are and you have any advice about living here PLEASE leave me some of your feedback. it will be very much appreciated.

option one


option two

Thursday, March 10, 2011

some quotes id like to share that i like to read & look at during my day that i hope you will read & look at during your day too.

nevermind the longest title in blogging history (almost) ... this thursday for "things i love" i wanted to post some quotes and pictures that i absolutely adore. sometimes i love just looking through blogs of photos with quotes and inspirational words. its a good way to pass the time and it always gives me a little boost to get through my day ! i hope you enjoy some of these as much as i do. 

what are you favorite quotes?

‎"just living is not enough," said the butterfly, "one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower." 
-hans christian anderson.

"if you can dream it, you can do it." 
-walt disney

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

terrific & terrible tuesday

okay so confession: today is not terrible! nor is it terrific. they both just started with t's, just like tuesday. if i had to rank today i would rank it at a little bit lower than a mediocre level. the past few days have been rough, but no, they havent been as bad as when i felt the worst id ever felt in my life on friday afternoon. that was probably the lowest and worst ive felt in a while :/ slowly but surely though it seems to be getting better.

i just want to make it known though that i am THANKFUL that even though its been improving at a very slow rate...that its still improving. does that make sense? i hope so. anyways. i want to take my mind off a few things today. ive put together a few fashion collages of things i am adoring right now. i hope you enjoy.

also can we all just note how beautiful mila kunis looks in the new "W" issue for march?

"just living is not enough," said the little butterfly. "one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower." 
-hans christian anderson

Sunday, March 06, 2011

dear mom,

well hello...this weekend has been...hard, to say the least. ive had lots of things happen that i didnt expect but i know that everything has happened for the best. ive cried a lot and been extremely sad and thank goodness that this person has constantly been there for me.

my mom.

she has been so supportive and amazing to me these past few days. she has shown me unconditional, irreplaceable love. she has just been a wonderful mom. all the times i have mistreated her make me so sad to think about now because when i have needed her most ... she has been there. no questions asked. she put our bad memories aside and has helped me to face a lot of hardships this weekend. 

she has helped me to see that i have a gift that i need to share with people. she has showed me that i need to get out of boise, and start figuring out how to find more of myself. she has shown me that i need to regain focus in my life, and learn how to be happy. she has helped me to see that i need to start believing in myself and learn how to love myself and respect myself. these next few weeks and months im going to need all the support i can get and i am so thankful that i have her right by my side. no words can express my gratitude and appreciation for the mother i have. i love her with all my heart. thank you for all you have done for me. 

i love you mom.

 [the first photo is of her and my aunt.]
[the fourth photo is of my mom with her boyfriend, tim. he makes her really, really happy.]

Thursday, March 03, 2011

also today i love ...

disney inspired fashion :)

i found some of these amazing collages here. Also this site that i love for fashion, in general, gave me more than half of these. I love how its inspired by disney because, well, as much as i do love disney, i wouldn't want to be walking around in a flowing, golden, ball gown all day long. the up one may just be my favorite :) and maybe if you even look down far enough you'll find some disney movies you may have forgotten!








whose who :)
1. jasmine
2. the princess and the frog
3. daisy duck
4. the little mermaid
5. the little mermaid
6. snow white and the seven dwarves
7. mickey and minnie
8. robin hood
9. alice in wonderland
10. bambi
11. minnie mouse
12. up
13. oliver and company
14. tangled
15. the aristocats