Sunday, March 27, 2011

the apartment hunt is over

thats right. i got the apartment i wanted. i am so excited. it took what felt like forever...i cant imagine what it will feel like when i buy a house. that will take so extremely long but i cant wait for the day that i actually can.  okay ANYWAYS. i found an apartment. i applied for the apartment. i got approved for the apartment. so now all i have to do is get down there and move in. i am so excited. only one more week ! exactly one more week until i leave and only eight days until i get to arizona. how amazing is this?

i seriously always talk about moving. i always say im going to go somewhere. then it just never works out and i feel like no one will actually believe me next time i say im getting out of this place. but this time, that is not true at all. i will be FINALLY leaving boise. i will be FINALLY starting my life. FINALLY having a new adventure. i did it all by myself too. thats another reason why this feels so great.

the apartment i got is a one bedroom, so i will be living by myself. its big ! and i get to paint it however i want. so be expecting a few more posts with interior decorating ideas. if any of you have any ideas let me know :) i would LOVE to hear them.

anyways i will post pictures as soon as i get there. im getting my new phone this week which means that i will be able to upload them FINALLY to here and have all those neat effects everyone has. i am SO excited. i just wanted to give everybody the update though before i get a move on with my day. i have so much to do again. its almost overwhelming. i hope everyone has a great day!


  1. Congrats on the new place. Getting to decorate the way you want is the best.

  2. thank you to both of you :) i am SO excited to decorate, paint, everything. oh my goodness !!


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