Thursday, November 01, 2012

life updates.

i thought id come by and give everyone an update on my life and what i have been up to.

i currently live in denver, colorado. i moved here on july 21st.
i went to boston, new jersey, and new york city (post coming soon) from july 24-august 7th.
i took a small trip to coeur d'alene and met a wonderful person and got to visit my best friend.
(has anyone ever realized how beautiful north idaho is? coeur d'alene was such a cute, gorgeous little town.)
my sister rylee came to visit me. she paid for her own ticket and everything.
i nanny for the cutest little five month old baby named alivia.
i saw beach house play at the boulder theatre.
i learned how to fishtail braid thanks to my wonderful roommate.
i also taught myself to do a crown braid.
i fell in love with bold lipsticks.

so not too much is new. last i did an entry though, i was still living in idaho, so i figured it was about time to say hi. i hope everyone has been doing well, especially as we're getting into the holiday season. can you believe how close thanksgiving and christmas are? yay!

hello november.

hello november. its so very nice (and so very weird) to see you.  i can't believe its already november 1st.  its crazy to me! not only is today the first day of november, it is also my dad's birthday.  i miss him very very very much right now but i know that he is having such a great birthday, or at least i hope so.

my dad is currently in china, adopting a son who is two years old.  my dad and stepmom are naming him gabriel.  i cant wait to meet the little guy over christmas when i go back to boise to visit. 

happy birthday dad! i hope your day is fantastic. i love you so much.

-thank you for picking raspberries in the backyard with me when i was three.
-thank you for always cutting my french toast up into perfect slices.
-thank you for taking me to see beauty and the beast in movie theaters when it first came out.
-thank you for getting me new sheets when i fell asleep with gum in my mouth and ruined my little mermaid ones when i was little.
-thank you for teaching me how to garden.
-thank you for teaching me how to lay sheet rock and paint walls so theres no stripes.
-thank you for teaching me how to make a house extremely clean (even though i hated having to redo chores).
-thank you for making me proud to be a gibbons.
-thank you for giving me my love and knowledge of sports and amazing music.
-thank you for not judging me when i got tattoos.
-thank you for being my dad.
-thank you for the relationship we have now despite all of our struggles and rough times.
-thank you for loving me.