Wednesday, July 20, 2011

(just) a few reasons i was so excited to come home

well, this past week i have been back home in boise, idaho. when i first left for phoenix (as some of you may remember), i wanted to get the heck out of boise. i hated it here. i don't know if i actually said that in my blogging, but i absolutely hated boise. i wanted nothing to do with it, no association with the place, i wanted to forget i even lived here. i thought it was boring, had nothing for me, and well quite lame.  however, after being away for almost four months without seeing my family, friends, or having a familiar place to go to, i started to realize how much i actually love boise.

you know how they say "everything happens for a reason" ? i have ALWAYS been a true believer in that quote because it really does. i have so many things that can prove that that saying is true. anyways, maybe the reason i moved to arizona wasn't to have an escape finally. maybe the real reason i moved to arizona, was to learn how to appreciate and love something that was once taken for granted.

so, as the days grew closer for me to finally embark on my plane ride back to boise, i started to become more and more excited to FINALLY be home.. heres a few little reasons of why i wanted to be home so badly, just a few of the things i missed so dearly, and a little number of things i can't wait to finally have back in my life once i move back home.

1. hugs! yes this may sound quite lame, but imagine being so sad and no one to give you a hug or to hold you to make it all better. i have a couple of friends in arizona yes, but there is nothing like a hug from your family or best friends back home. its hard to find that comfort elsewhere.
2. family
3. being able to go outside during the day
4. friends
5. boise downtown
6.. the summer season, the fall season. every season in boise is lovely
7.. seeing someone i know every place i go to
8. kind people
9. familiar faces
10. the daycare center
11. the boise river
12. grass
13. flowers
14. moxie java
15. bsu anything
16. familiar landscape & familiar roads

there are so many more reasons that i love being home as well. my list has grown rather large though, and im sure i dont need to list all of them. that is the jist of it though! 

oh home, how i miss you.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

BOISE i really really...

BOISE, i really, really......

who ever thought those words would be coming out of this mouth of mine. im so happy to be back and be home for the week. i arrived on wednesday and will be leaving (sadly and regretfully) next thursday morning. but i couldn't be happier to be back in this place. maybe the entire reason of moving to arizona was so that i could actually appreciate the beautifulness in the city i once despised. long story short, i never want to leave. i wish i could stay here and get a cute house in the north end. soon enough though. this trip has been the best thing i could have ever hoped for right now. so happy to be home!