Saturday, August 14, 2010

sugar sugar oh honey honey

we went to the candy store for one of our field trips last week! POWELL'S SWEET SHOPPE was the name of it :] it was so cute inside! absolutely adorable. it even has its own radio station that played music about candy, sweets, and cute old songs. also they had willy wonka and chocolate factory (the old version) playing! this candy store is just the shop you walk into and you become instantly happy. 

not only did they have all different kinds of chocolates, gelato, old fashioned sodas, and old time candy that you can't find anywhere else...they had thee cutest items like lunchboxes, pillows, coffee cups, and a whole bunch of themed gifts too! they had a hello kitty section, betty boop, elvis, the beatles, james dean, marilyn monroe, john wayne. it was so amazing! dont you agree that there is just something about candy that just makes you go weak at the knees and makes your day just brighter and happier? :]

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

buenos dias august ;]

hello august!!! goodness sakes i cant believe ive been so absent from this lately. 
and i absolutely cannot believe its august third. do you realize christmas is only four months and twenty-two days away? thats insane :] however it is so so exciting.

sunday night my sister rylee and i had a girls night. we rented the bounty hunter with jennifer aniston and gerard butler and let me just tell you...its is AMAZING. i absolutely adore jennifer aniston. not to mention gerard butler...what a hunk :]

i thought i'd share some of their pictures with you just because i think they are two of the most beautiful people in the world. oh and i also think jennifer aniston has one of thee most killer bodies ever. apparently she used "the zone" to get into shape and transform her life. i bought it yesterday and will be starting it this week! ill keep you posted with my results. 

i hope everyone has been doing fabulous.