Wednesday, September 08, 2010


ive been thinking so much lately.
its insane actually to think about everything thats been racing through my mind. one thing i have been thinking about is how much i still want to open my own cupcake shop. i adore them. they're absolutely the cutest thing in the entire world (if decorated right). i don't know how anyone could hate a cupcake. i mean...yes...not all of them taste great. whoever said you have to eat it though right?! CANT WE ALL JUST LOOK AT A CUPCAKE AND SMILE?! i know i do. anyways. here's some lovely little cupcakes to keep that smile bright and shining.

oh and hello amazing little online shops! they sell anything/everything cupcakes!

and here is my favorite find just now ! i just got a new blackberry and as they say "everything happens for a reason"...well...maybe my reason for getting a blackberry (unbeknownst at the time) was so that i could buy myself this blackberry carrying case :] 


Monday, September 06, 2010

cute cute cute cute cute cute forever.

tonight is not my night...
so instead of sitting around being in a bummed out mood im going to put up pictures of anything and everything cute that i can get my hands on :]

i hope it makes you feel happy or at least puts a smile on your face even if its just for a millisecond :]


ps someone please buy me the puppy in the 10th picture and any of the kitties too :]

living space searching.

dear new house/apartment brie and i are searching for,
we would like you to be cute and it doesnt matter if youre old or new.
you dont have to be super duper nice or even the most beautiful place ever.
just please dont be broken or have weird and creepy people around.
is that so much to ask?
a one bedroom or a two bedroom would be just fine.
seven hundred dollars or less please and i promise we will be so kind!
and we will clean you and make you adorable.
and you wont ever want us to move out.

also please be in the north end...ill setlle for bsu area.
but really i just would love to be in the north end.

so new place to live...if youre out there...just know...brie and i are looking for you and we want you to appear before us so that we can come adopt you as our new home :)