Saturday, April 30, 2011

so so so so so busy

i have been busy, busy, busy, this week it seems like. i promise ill update everybody this week with mulitple update posts. sorry for my absence everyone. i hope you all have had a lovely week.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

well i am now a twenty-two year old

and that feels really weird to say. i literally feel like it was yesterday that i turned twenty-one and went to my birthday dinner at old chicago with my friends. i can tell you right now that i will probably be saying the same thing next year too.

it just feels so weird to me. i feel old. haha. that sounds so ridiculous but i really feel like im ... well that im old! im sure all of you people who are older than me are thinking "she is so absolutely nuts for thinking that." buttt thats just how i feel. im sure in a few days ill feel a little better about it.

anyways, this year i put together a list of things i want to accomplish and goals i have set for myself to achieve before i turn twenty three. i have three hundred sixty three days to do everything i came up with. its always nice to write your goals list down so that you can look back and be reminded of it.

being twenty-two list:
1. workout at least two times a week.
2. attend a yoga class at least one time a week.
3. be more frugal with my money by not eating out as much.
4. get to my ideal weight and maintain a healthy body image.
5. make sure i write at least four blogs a week.
6. find cupcake recipes to make that i love.
7. start developing my wedding planning business.
8. become a supervisor at sprinkles.
9. learn to love myself more so someone else can love me too.
10. learn more about fashion and the designer world.
11. pay off all my debt.
12. start a missions where i make one random person smile everyday
 and keep track of it in my blog
13. buy myself a macbook.
14. start saving up for a new car.
15. make new and more friends.
16. really push myself to go out and do new things.
17. start doing more DIY projects.
18. take more pictures.
19. really, truly take care of myself.
20. find more positives among the negatives.
21. better myself by learning to let go and be more patient with 
people and situations.
22. become more well-rounded by becoming more knowledgeable about current
events and different events in history.
23. start getting my nails done (part of taking care of myself)
i always feel better with pretty nails!
24. start school.
25. volunteer somewhere.
26. write letters to people.
27. smile more.
28. go see some movies by myself. do more things by myself in general.
29. keep in touch with my family more.
30. buy a canon rebel xs.
31. go to nyc

hopefully i can do all these things !! wish me luck. 
also to everyone who thought of me and took the time to wish me a happy birthday, i just want to say thank you very much. i am blessed to have each and everyone of you in my life. thank you.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

sprinkles sprinkles sprinkles sprinkles sprinkles

besides the fact that i have now eaten about four or five sprinkles cupcakes, i have something so very amazing that i want to share with you, but pictures first :) in these photos you will see a peanut butter chip cupcake, a red velvet cupcake, a vanilla cupcake with milk chocolate frosting, a strawberry cupcake (made with fresh strawberry puree), and a chocolate marshmallow cupcake. i ate the peanut butter chip one and the chocolate marshmallow ones. NOT ALL ON THE SAME DAY don't worry :)

just a little sprinkles lesson for you, you, and most of all you: 
sprinkles is the first cupcake bakery that basically started the cupcake revolution (as i like to call it). they use all natural ingredients, no preservatives, and it just makes everything taste that much better. you can also feel a little better eating the amazing delicatessens as well because you know that you're not putting anything processed into your body. all of these cupcakes are made each day, and its really neat because the leftover cupcakes at sprinkles at the end of the day are donated to homeless shelters, police stations, fire stations, etc., in order to give back to the community. isn't that neat? it always makes me feel better with each bite knowing all of that.

also the most popular cupcake at sprinkles is a red velvet. the second most popular: black and white :) my personal favorite for right now however is the chocolate marshmallow. for those of you who don't like a lot of frosting i would recommend that one or the cinnamon sugar. the cinnamon sugar cupcake is a cinnamon cupcake. after its baked they brush the top with butter and roll it in cinnamon sugar. the chocolate marshmallow cupcake is a dark chocolate cake with sprinkles' homemade marshmallow filling. its topped with a chocolate ganache (instead of a cream cheese or buttercream frosting). THEY'RE AMAZING. anyways, they're opening a new store in new york city in may and the most recent one to open up was in washington dc. you can visit they're website or download they're cute little app for your iphone or whatever else you can download it for, to see all the flavors they have and they're locations.

alright so here are the pictures :) enjoy! oh also, the one picture of the dad and the cute is that? they came in together and bought a cupcake and they shared it outside. sorry if you didn't want your photo taken mister father and son, but it was such a cute, precious moment that i just HAD to capture it.

ps my news will be at the bottom so don't skip over it!!!

heres the news:

happy birthday to meeeee :)

well done you lovely restaurant you.

today i would like to write this little letter to a restaurant in old  town scottsdale called R&R. so here it goes:

dear R&R,

i hope you know how very fabulous you are. i ate some of your animal fries while i was there and they were wonderful. you know, the ones with sweet potatoes fries and regular fries as well and then you have pulled pork and cheese on top of them. mmm. you definitely have earned first place in best fries ever. i also had sangria for the first time while i was there. that was delicious! the fruit in it made it taste ever so lovely. after i enjoyed both of those i ate one of your hamburgers with a side salad and ranch dressing on top. hello heaven. on top of my salad you had these cute carrots too. why were they cute? well they were curly like spaghetti noodles and i could twist it around my fork. simple things like that make me just so happy. your burger was so great. its my favorite food in the world, so let me tell you that when i tell you it was a good burger, it was truly a good burger. so all in all i had a wonderful experience there. it was my first time eating there and i definitely would recommend you to anybody and everybody. please be expecting me back.

yours truly,
kaileigh elizabeth

little apartment !!

so i got an apartment here in tempe. i have so many things i want to do with it. its cute and perfect for me. my kitchen has an opening in the wall by the sink so you can see into the living room. i have a walk in closet. i also have a huge hallway closet (you know just in case i cant fit all my clothes/shoes into my regular closet. for now i just keep my art supplies in there. i have a nice patio too. its lovely. ALSO guess what? we are allowed to paint. i am so excited to actually get some money and paint my place. i have a lot of ideas for it.

you know what else i am excited about? im excited to do some projects and crafts. ive already come up with a few ideas for things that i can make and do and create and i am just so happy and ecstatic. i will definitely be sharing those with you as soon as i start making them.

but for now, i hope you can kind of see what my apartment looks like. the pictures arent the best quality, but i dont have a camera yet. ive been using my little iphone which works for now but once i get a camera, obviously i will be uploading those pictures for your curiosity satisfaction. oh and i dont have a lot of furniture...basically i have a bed. dont judge. :) in the last photo you will see two cats on the stairs of my apartment. there are about six of these cats and they just run around and wait for you to give them food. they're adorable. i haven't given them food though. im afraid theyre going to have rabies or something. they probably dont butttt you never know!

heres a little random post

this post really has no purpose except to show you everything random from the past couple of days. from trips to target, nights of dunkin donuts, movie watching fridays, and my most favorite juice in the entire world...i thought i would just share it with you :) THE END.

oh yea, i also love hamburgers in case you didnt know. so i took a picture of that the other day when i ate it.

dear dunkin donuts, did you know i love you?

i really do love dunkin donuts. we didn't have them in boise. how lame is that. the commercials would always be on tv for them and i would always think "why do you have to tease me mister television? that is so not kind of you whatsoever." i mean seriously. i just love dunkin donuts because we'd always go when i visit my family in new jersey. its delicious. sorry krispy kreme but dunkin donuts takes the cake for BEST donut...or should i say, takes the donut? okay lame joke but really. i love dunkin donuts.

im not sure which donut is my favorite but ive been twice already. theres one that is about three miles from my house...not so good for me, but definitely good for my sweet tooth. :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

hunt for the best sushi begins...

the other day I went to RA sushi with my new friend here name brynne. I met her through my friend here named jordan. he's a nice fellow too ! :) this is brynne:

anyways we went to the RA in old town Scottsdale. i absolutely adore old town! the shops are cute. the atmosphere is cute. even the sidewalks are cute! and RA was just so delicious. i went there march 2009 in huntington beach when jaemi and i drove down to audition for americas next top model when they had the short girl auditions. it is so delicious. they're happy hour from 3-7 is amazing.

two or three days later we got together again and went to RA but this time we went to the one in Tempe.

two days after that i went with my friend jake and we had the most delicious california rolls, spicy tuna rolls, vegas rolls, and saki.

1. the bar
2. these little plastic things you see...I thought they were just extremely durable toothpicks. they werent.
3. this would be the free chocolate gelato I received because the bartender noticed my birthday was next week.
4. those red balls are lights! love them.

RA, you are winning for in hunt for the best sushi so far !

kaileigh vs the cockroach: the best battle story you'll ever hear.

so here is a story about my terrible, awful, no good battle last night...brace yourselves.

at about 945 last night i got home from my friend jakes house. i was so tired, had a headache, and overall I just felt really awful. I set down my keys, went into my room, set down my purse, plugged my phone into charge, and made my way to the bathroom where I planned on taking a nice, steaming, hot shower. I turned the light switch on and holy camolee what in the world crawled across the floor and up the cabinet but a huge, terrible, ugly, disgusting.........cockroach !!!!!!!

oh my gosh. I freaked out. I screamed and ran into my room and jumped onto my bed and was almost in tears. the only place I have ever seen a cockroach was in a zoo. that is the only place I wished they lived.
ughhhhh what is their purpose in life? sick!! sick!! sick!!

anyways, back to the story. so I see the three inch long thing and its freakishly gross tentacles or antennae (whatever it was coming off its head) and instantly scream, start hyperventilating, and then run to my bedroom, jump onto my bed, and grab my phone that I could barely hold in my hand because I was shaking so bad, and i tried to call someone. i obviously tried to call a boy (sorry aunt skye but I don't know any girls who could think legitimately and logically through this) and so I thought to call either my friend jordan or my friend jake. i remembered that, so lamely, jordan was at work so he couldnt come kill it, so I called my super good friend jake and was basically in tears when he answered. he probably thought j was being robbed. sorry jake!

after i took some deep breaths he finally understood what i was saying and tried to tell me how to kill it. this whole catastrophe took thirty-five minutes. so disgusting. you see what I would do was inch closer and closer to it to try to kill it but everytime I'd get closer to it I'd run away and start shaking even worse. poor jake had to deal with me screaming, hyperventilating, basically being in tears, and also some dry heaving (sorry if that's too much info but it gives you a better perspective of the situation) but I absolutely love him for being there through all that.

finally I got a spatula (that I obviously planned on not using anymore) and I took the spatula and I tried to knock that stupid gross bug out from under the cabinet. I finally did after about 3748393:$2&2 (yes....that's a number) times. it crawled all over the floor and into the bathtub and I screamed so loud. and I was shaking so bad that i think I was convulsing, no joke. :( I yelled "oh my gosh I'm gonna drown him!!!" so I did. i turned the water on in the tub and he stopped moving. however, even though he was dead, I was still freaking out. it was just so awful you know?! I threw a washcloth (once again it was one I knew I'd throw away and never use again) over that dead thing and then I found a pair of shoes I hated and it took me about five minutes and a whole lot more hyperventilating to bring myself to step on it. I mean, I didnt want to hear or feel that! would you?! SO GROSS! but I finally did squish it and had tears in my eyes when I did because I was just SO shaken up. then I got out of the bathtub and then it took me another five minutes and almost throwing up again until i could get the whole washcloth into the trash bag without touching it. (this is where the spatula helped me) cockroach pancake? ughhh. ew ew ew I'm still getting the chills thinking about it.

after this, I went outside (keep in mind that my friend is still on the phone) and I threw all of those things away; the spatula, washcloth, and trash bag. then I lysoled my entire bathroom floor, countertop, inside and outside of the cabinets, and the everybinch of that shower. I said thank you to jake, hung up the phone, and ran to my bed and just sat there trying to breathe. i have nor had that bad of an anxiety attack in a long time.

after i calmed down a little bit I called my best friend jaemi and told her everything. then I got in the shower, came back to my room, texted jake to thank him once again, and do you know what he did? he ordered me a pizza and a diet pepsi and had it delivered to my house. sweetest, nicest friend ever. no one has ever done anything like that for me before and so I was so appreciative and happy that I have a friend in Arizona like him!

so to end this story I would like to just give a big thank you to jacob. also, thank you alex for being on the phone with jake and giving me good ideas to kill that treacherous, nasty, life form. also thank you jaemi for listening to me tell the tale of "kaileigh vs the cockroach." you all are very kind friends.


a trip to the capitol and the capital

so last friday my cousin dianna and her husband chaz came to town. they were visiting chaz's sister and his other family that he has here. i was so excited because i knew they were going to go explore and do some fun things and i really wanted to tag along. anyways we ended up venturing into the capitol and the capital. im not quite sure which one goes to capitol the city or is that the building? HELP!

 this was obviously the most interesting artifact there considering it was invisible. apparently the person who wrote that note thought it needed to be more detailed though.

wouldn't it be so much easier if we picked which bills were passed by spinning this wheel?

i love the note that the first person wrote. if you can't read it it says "i wannah go home. i hate this place." that was HILARIOUS. also, this is chaz's sister's baby riley. i feel like the caption should be "ORDER IN THE COURT!"

"here bend down in front of us like you're our child." -cousin dianna...obviously you can see that the fourth picture in this box is most definitely the most flattering photo of me EVER.

After this we went out to eat at a place by the baseball field called "Cooperstown." imagine alice cooper + baseball + sports + sports grill food + insane loudness...and you've got cooperstown. i got a hamburger and it was pretty good! but my favorite was the onion rings that my cousin dianna ordered. mmm.

after cooperstown, we drove back to tempe and we went to chaz's other sister's little boutique. its called "ivy boutique" and she resells higher end clothing with brands such as BCBG, True Religion, Joe's, and some Anthropologie/Free People brands. it was really cute! there was one dress there (a BCBG) that i absolutely adored. i would have gotten it too buttttt alas...i didnt have the money to get it :(

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

my big adventure !

on sunday, april 3rd, 2011, i set out on my big adventure to Tempe, Arizona, so that I could start my new life here. I stopped in draper, Utah (a little town south of salt lake city) and arrived at approximately 11:06 pm! it only took me a record 4 hours and 50 minutes and i hardly sped at all. in fact I jut drove with the flow of traffic but it ended up bein such good timing !

I cried alot and I mean a lot when I said bye to my mom. Sunday she went to church early just so she could spend time with me before I left. so after church we went to breakfast, then I went and got my oil changed. afterwards I went and bought "tangled" because my little sister got it for me as an early birthday present, and then i went and said bye to my sisters. holy heavens I miss them so dearly. I cried when I said bye to them too...I cried a lot this day! after that I went home and packed up my entire car and the said bye to mom. then bye to cricky. then bye to sabra. I miss my best friends so much! I want to convince them to move here !!

here are a few pictures from me starting my roadtrip:

okay so I guess since it was dark out I didn't take pictures driving from Boise to salt lake, but I did try to take quite a few from salt lake to Tempe. ps if you're wondering why I took a picture of the aunt and uncle have this huge bed i slept in. I'm only 5'3" (barely) and the bed came up to the middle of my chest. I swear. I loved it ! they were so kind for letting me stay overnight ! thank you aunt kathy and uncle steve

here's what I have from salt lake to Tempe:

and I just want to add on this last photo here, where that railing is, well that stops people from driving over a cliff that has got to be at least 1000 feet tall! it was beautiful. it made me think of lion king when rafiki holds up simba for all the animals to see. oh goodness...I would compare it to that wouldn't I?

the last few days in Boise

I am SOOO sorry it has taken me this long to finally start blogging about being here. i currently don't have a computer so getting to one to write is almost nearly impossible. thank goodness though that I found an app on my phone and it let's me write blogs and insert pictures ! but it's a lot harder to do so if it at first the entry doesn't look super great...bare with me :)

anyways here are some photos of my last days in Boise ! as you could see earlier the last three weeks there I worked at my mom best friend jen's daycare (which was so fun ! she has SUCH a beautiful center.) and i played a lot of dogopoly ! but I also went to my dads and said bye to him, my little sister addi, and my stepmom ruthie. we got my favorite pizza in Boise along with my favorite salad in Boise from Protos ! and we watched princess and the frog. it was addis movie choice but with my love for disneyI was so happy she chose that. she really is a little sister after my own heart!

Friday, April 08, 2011


call it lame. call it dumb. but you know what I call dogopoly?? I call it awesome. I need to be versions of monopoly for my new place stat. :) ps that little boy's name is jack and that's his sister Brooke. they went to my moms best friend's daycare center...the one I was working at the last three weeks before I left. so much fun :)

what are your favorite bored games?!

also we did alot if bead things the last two days I was there. as you cab see I updated my keychain immensely.