Tuesday, April 19, 2011

dear dunkin donuts, did you know i love you?

i really do love dunkin donuts. we didn't have them in boise. how lame is that. the commercials would always be on tv for them and i would always think "why do you have to tease me mister television? that is so not kind of you whatsoever." i mean seriously. i just love dunkin donuts because we'd always go when i visit my family in new jersey. its delicious. sorry krispy kreme but dunkin donuts takes the cake for BEST donut...or should i say, takes the donut? okay lame joke but really. i love dunkin donuts.

im not sure which donut is my favorite but ive been twice already. theres one that is about three miles from my house...not so good for me, but definitely good for my sweet tooth. :)

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