Tuesday, April 19, 2011

well done you lovely restaurant you.

today i would like to write this little letter to a restaurant in old  town scottsdale called R&R. so here it goes:

dear R&R,

i hope you know how very fabulous you are. i ate some of your animal fries while i was there and they were wonderful. you know, the ones with sweet potatoes fries and regular fries as well and then you have pulled pork and cheese on top of them. mmm. you definitely have earned first place in best fries ever. i also had sangria for the first time while i was there. that was delicious! the fruit in it made it taste ever so lovely. after i enjoyed both of those i ate one of your hamburgers with a side salad and ranch dressing on top. hello heaven. on top of my salad you had these cute carrots too. why were they cute? well they were curly like spaghetti noodles and i could twist it around my fork. simple things like that make me just so happy. your burger was so great. its my favorite food in the world, so let me tell you that when i tell you it was a good burger, it was truly a good burger. so all in all i had a wonderful experience there. it was my first time eating there and i definitely would recommend you to anybody and everybody. please be expecting me back.

yours truly,
kaileigh elizabeth

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