Friday, April 08, 2011


call it lame. call it dumb. but you know what I call dogopoly?? I call it awesome. I need to be versions of monopoly for my new place stat. :) ps that little boy's name is jack and that's his sister Brooke. they went to my moms best friend's daycare center...the one I was working at the last three weeks before I left. so much fun :)

what are your favorite bored games?!

also we did alot if bead things the last two days I was there. as you cab see I updated my keychain immensely.


  1. none of your pictures are showing up :(

  2. Was this the Instagram app you used? Nicely done. BTW, if you like Dogopoly, you definitely want to try Lucky Dog Lottery. Fun for your family including your dogs.


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