Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the last few days in Boise

I am SOOO sorry it has taken me this long to finally start blogging about being here. i currently don't have a computer so getting to one to write is almost nearly impossible. thank goodness though that I found an app on my phone and it let's me write blogs and insert pictures ! but it's a lot harder to do so if it at first the entry doesn't look super great...bare with me :)

anyways here are some photos of my last days in Boise ! as you could see earlier the last three weeks there I worked at my mom best friend jen's daycare (which was so fun ! she has SUCH a beautiful center.) and i played a lot of dogopoly ! but I also went to my dads and said bye to him, my little sister addi, and my stepmom ruthie. we got my favorite pizza in Boise along with my favorite salad in Boise from Protos ! and we watched princess and the frog. it was addis movie choice but with my love for disneyI was so happy she chose that. she really is a little sister after my own heart!

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