Tuesday, April 12, 2011

my big adventure !

on sunday, april 3rd, 2011, i set out on my big adventure to Tempe, Arizona, so that I could start my new life here. I stopped in draper, Utah (a little town south of salt lake city) and arrived at approximately 11:06 pm! it only took me a record 4 hours and 50 minutes and i hardly sped at all. in fact I jut drove with the flow of traffic but it ended up bein such good timing !

I cried alot and I mean a lot when I said bye to my mom. Sunday she went to church early just so she could spend time with me before I left. so after church we went to breakfast, then I went and got my oil changed. afterwards I went and bought "tangled" because my little sister got it for me as an early birthday present, and then i went and said bye to my sisters. holy heavens I miss them so dearly. I cried when I said bye to them too...I cried a lot this day! after that I went home and packed up my entire car and the said bye to mom. then bye to cricky. then bye to sabra. I miss my best friends so much! I want to convince them to move here !!

here are a few pictures from me starting my roadtrip:

okay so I guess since it was dark out I didn't take pictures driving from Boise to salt lake, but I did try to take quite a few from salt lake to Tempe. ps if you're wondering why I took a picture of the bed...my aunt and uncle have this huge bed i slept in. I'm only 5'3" (barely) and the bed came up to the middle of my chest. I swear. I loved it ! they were so kind for letting me stay overnight ! thank you aunt kathy and uncle steve

here's what I have from salt lake to Tempe:

and I just want to add on this last photo here, where that railing is, well that stops people from driving over a cliff that has got to be at least 1000 feet tall! it was beautiful. it made me think of lion king when rafiki holds up simba for all the animals to see. oh goodness...I would compare it to that wouldn't I?

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