Sunday, February 27, 2011

roadtrip fever

i really, really, really am in desperate need of a road trip. ive got the fever for it. the only thing i can think of to give me a little taste of a road trip i so desperately desire, is a little trek to my old home of colorado.

i believe ill be going march 13th and i can come home at any time i want (before the 25th) so theres really no limit on how long i can stay :) (well minus having to be home before the 25th) anyways. ill be going by myself and yes this will be so wonderful BUT the kind of road trip i am craving right this minute will include (and not be limited to):

1. sleepovers in multiple hotels.
2. crossing no less than five state lines.
3. pictures in front of each "WELCOME" and "YOU ARE NOW LEAVING" sign.
4. stops at restaurants and little sight seeing places.
5. endless photos taken of everywhere i go to document the entire trip.

the road trip i so need is not going to be one where we take the least amount of rests possible. no way. i want the whole package. the whole enchilada. every part of a fun road trip that you can imagine. i want it to take at least three or four days to get to my destination and at least three or four days to come back. how amazing would this be? guess i better start saving up right? :)

count me in for a roadtrip like this for the summer. maybe i will drive to new york city. thatd help me cross about 239472089 state lines! but then thatd mean i'd only get to stay in the city and go to the jersey shore and visit family for a few days before i have to head back. we'll see though. ive got a few ideas as to where i could go.

does anyone have any ideas as to places i should go? hmm...

well i hope you all are having a beautiful start to your week!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

what i love this very thursday

sooo this week (as you most likely saw before) i have been playing on stumble upon A LOT. ive found many, many neat things. some of the things i've really been looking at this week are wedding DIY blogs and well just basically anything wedding.

no im not getting married. in fact, i dont even have a boyfriend. that doesnt stop me from looking at these blogs and websites though! no way! i love anything and everything to do with weddings. so much actually, that ive been contemplating becoming a wedding planner. ive been thinking about doing this for a few years and with all my interests and love for weddings, love, designing, love, fashion, love, music, love, and crafts...i just feel like its a career that would be a really good combination of everything im passionate about.

so this thursday i am dedicating it to "what i love this very thursday WEDDING edition :) "

1. these diy balls are so precious. how could would it be to make light fixtures out of these? or run white christmas lights through them for outdoor (or indoor as well) lighting? you can find the directions to make these, along with other ideas here.

2. one of THEE cutest weddings i have seen in a long time. an UP inspired wedding. i absolutely love this movie. its is so sweet. it makes me want an adventure book too :)

3. one of the more beautiful wedding i have seen. her dress is so beautiful. her husband looks so darling in his bow tie. everything from the food, to the outside decorations...when i get married i think ill draw a lot of inspiration from this wedding. the photo of her flowers does not even do it justice. i strongly recommend you click the link to see all their photos!

4. i have always adored the idea of having a photo booth at  a wedding reception. not only could you rent an actualy photobooth but you could use the idea in the above photo and have friends and family take pictures of your wedding, themselves, and you with different types of cameras. each of the cameras would use different film. itd be such a neat and eclectic way to capture your wedding.

4. the twigs & honey shop makes some of the most beautiful headbands i have seen. how lovely and delicate and beautiful are these statement head pieces. i love them.

5. how adoreable is this centerpiece? i think its brilliant. the steps to make them are here.

6. i have always adored the idea of having a photo booth at  a wedding reception. not only could you rent an actualy photobooth but you could use the idea in the above photo and have friends and family take pictures of your wedding, themselves, and you with different types of cameras. each of the cameras would use different film. itd be such a neat and eclectic way to capture your wedding.

there are so many other ideas i love. im sure ill be posting more soon seeing as though i really would love to jumpstart my wedding planning career and ideas. one remaining thing i do love though: the idea of cupcakes at wedding. some people are cake people but if you havent noticed im definitely a cupcake person :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

dear little cupcakes, you tiny pieces of heaven

this past weekend my best friend sabra's boyfriend went to new york city...just because he felt like it. jeeze wouldn't that be nice? :) anyways i told him that he MUST get a cupcake at magnolia's and a cupcake from crumb's bakeshop. i told him that magnolia's on bleeker street was a must however because the two magnolia's locations are somewhat different tasting AND the whole experience is different too. seeing as though (and im pretty sure im correct on this) that almost every crumb's taste the same, i didn't tell him which crumb's specifically he should go to.

anyways not only did he go to magnolia's on his first night there...he brought back cupcakes from both places for sabra and i. i am so excited and ecstatic! it was seriously so kind. i have been missing new york city so much lately, so i feel like this little slice of my favorite place on the planet was exactly what i needed to tide me over until summer.

i shared one of the peanut butter one's from crumb's with sabra.  this happened when i went to go pick mine out this afternoon. we couldn't figure out some of the random flavor's james (her boyfriend) had picked out so of course...we smelled tested them. i smelled peanut butter and chocolate mixed together on the one we shared, so we HAD to eat it right then and there :) confession: these cupcakes did turn out somewhat better than mine, but do keep in mind these bakeries have had YEARS and YEARS of cupcake concocting perfection!

now as you can see below, there are many, many, many pictures taken of me with these cupcakes. "WHY DIDNT YOU JUST TAKE ONE OR TWO AND CALL IT A DAY?" you ask. well, the answer to this is that i am somewhat of a perfectionist. i also have a difficult time making little decisions sometimes(...okay a lot of times) so i couldn't just pick one THUS RESULTING in me including (for your viewing and laughing benefit) basically every single picture i tried to take and make just perfect. YOU'RE WELCOME. :)

anyways i hope everyone has been having a fabulous week so far!!! enjoy my amazing (not so much) mac photobooth-ing skills!


dear stumble upon,

alright so those were all the colored photos i found. here are all the black and whites. im starting to really LOVE black and white photos lately! 

dear stumble upon,

thank you to stumble upon for allowing me to find websites that have pictures like the following. if you're ever bored i highly recommend spending some time stumbling :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

things i love this thursday

here is a list of things i am in love with this thursday. i decided thursdays will be the day i share my favorite things with you. why? because things and thursday both start with the same two letters. its as simple as that. no need to complicate it.




5. sharpies!

[now i'm not getting married or anything. not even close. but i adore this entire blog so completely.]

7. also if you haven't seen the website stumble upon...i highly recommend it. you are missing out on a lot in your life if you haven't seen this yet.i have found so many neat and exciting things on here! you wouldn't even believe it. FOR i found out that coke products are now going to be packaged in rectangular bottles as a way to become more green and promote easier recycling. also by clicking on this site, i can easily rhyme one word with another. now yes, this may be completely pointless information.

8. all the seasons of the office. i haven't watched every season fully since after season three but the past three days since i have been pretty sick, i have been watching them. im currently almost through with disc 1 of season 4. love it. so funny :)

anyways. those are just eight things that i love this thursday. next week i will be back with some more.

Monday, February 14, 2011

what is love to you?

i decided to ask a few of the people i know what love means to them. in their own words, i wanted them to define love and how they feel its supposed to be. this is what i've recieved so far :)

from my uncle henry:
i love this by the way!

"after almost 38 years together I still can't describe love, but it sure feels good to be in love."

from the lovely dianna mcallister:

she and her husband chaz have been married since fall of 2009. they are one of the cutest couples :)

"Love is a small word with big meaning, and it will always mean something different for every person, but I choose to look at it like this eight-year-olds answer to the same question..."Love is like a little old woman and a little old man who are still friends every day even though they know eachother so well." Love is acceptance and peace with another person. "There are two kinds of love: Our love and God's love, but God made both kinds." -Dianna McAllister

from the darling shawna o'neil:

"love, love, love, beauty. It's that refreshing euphoric feeling, that everlasting touch. That feeling that is there when you first open your eyes, the trust- the hope- the love with no lies. That feeling that is there when you crawl into bed, that feeling of love that overwhelms your head. The flutter in your stomach that makes your head light, the care that keeps you from going to bed in a fight. :) "
 -shawna o'neil

from the pretty ashley lorona:

"love is one of the easiest things to feel but hardest to explain. Its that excited feeling that keeps you up at night. The same feeling that makes you go out and by that dress, love that song, and give up things once important to you, for the happiness of someone else. Love is the bond that is created after recognizing someones greatness . You can create it if you just open your eyes to see the positive things in another person. If you can do this easily, you'll love easily. " 
-ashley lorona

from the dear maggie sciales:

"love is what makes you get up in the morning when you think you might see him soon, and what makes it hard to sleep after you just left him. love puts the smile on your face, in your eyes and in your voice. love is what makes you put your hair in that bun you have such a hard time doing because he says it looks beautiful, but love also makes you feel cute in pajamas because he says you are. love is the feeling you get when you say the same thing at the same time, and laugh at the same joke, even when it's not funny to anyone else. i guess love is being perfect together, and to each other. "

from others:

"love is a realization that you have found someone you can relate to on almost every aspect of life, and for where you falter they are stronger. It is not about the diamonds, chocolate, and commercialized holidays. It is about being with the one that makes you the happiest as well as you making the ones who love you enjoy their lives. It is a two way street that when ridden properly can be the best times in anyone's life." -liam

"you've found true love when you can be best friends with that person for the rest of your life and not get bored with them. You've found actual love if that other person motivates you to be the best that you can possibly be.If you're having a hard time sleeping because your reality is better than your dreams, you've found true love.You may be in love when you find NOT the perfect person, but an imperfect person you see perfectly. The most beautiful things in life cannot be seen or touched or even heard, but they must be felt with the heart instead.... But that's the sappy side of me, the other side says, screw it, love will come one day. =)" -Steve

happy valentines day

since i don't have a significant other just yet in my life, i want to use today to keep my chin up, and hopefully keep other people's chins up, that don't have that special someone in their life either. i feel like today shouldn't just be about celebrating a relationship with a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife...i believe today should be a celebration of all things love. i think it should be a day where if you are committed to someone then you appreciate and recognize him or her for everything they've done, every way they have affected you, every way they love to love you.

i also think it should be a day that gives others hope and lets others know that there is a great love out there. i think its really neat to know that when you are waiting for "the one" ...that "one" is also waiting for you! how neat is that? maybe im just really entertained by little things like this, but i think today is just a really special day.

there is so much love out there in the world to give and recieve. i dont understand why today has to be just about couples! so many people get so sad about today, but i think they really just need to stay positive. i know today has been a little hard for me :/ everytime that i start to get a little sad though i just think that "maybe this person is it and if i give it time then everything will turn out how i want." even if it doesn't though, there's going to be someone out there who will workout and when we find each other its going to be everything i ever dreamed of.

for that i am so excited. i'm going to write another blog later with people responses as to what love means to them. this should be interesting. if you'd like to contribute, go ahead and just leave a comment :)

happy valentines day !