Sunday, June 13, 2010

new york state of mind

oh my goodness!!! so badly i am craving new york city right now. i will have you know that the big apple is the only place that holds my heart. i could live there and be happy for the rest of my life. if ever a place were to so perfectly describe me it would be NEW YORK CITY! its busy, lively, happy, amazing, eclectic, crazy, mixed up. it holds all the possibilities in the world and welcomes any type of person with open arms. it is THEE perfect place.

there are so many things to do there. one of the things i love most is because if you tried to do everything there is to do in one day, you couldn't because there is something new to do every single day! it could be a new restaurant opening, an event at the park, a market, flower shopping, book signing, movie opening, even just a quick walk around all the blocks you live by its the perfect place. it doesn't matter. there are new faces, new places, and new, exciting possibilities and opportunities that arise to help you PARTICIPATE IN LIFE.

so many people say "well i don't know that i could live there. why would you want to? all the people, all the traffic, the cars, the noise. i could visit but that'd be enough for me."  I DONT UNDERSTAND! why? every time i leave new york city i am always, one hundred percent, without a doubt, yearning for more. ill be living there some day. don't you worry your pretty little faces...its calling my name. its just a matter of time now and i cannot wait for it.

ps. city of my dreams ill be visiting you in august or september. start your countdown now new york city because i have a got a date to see you and all of your wonderfulness. 


pss. i took all of these pictures on my last visit to the city in august 2009

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