Tuesday, June 22, 2010

factory girl

because i was sick yesterday, and because i am sick today, i have gotten to watch some movies that i love. however, i decided to try a new one i'd never seen before (big thank you to netflix). i had chosen the movie "factory girl" starring sienna miller, hayden christensen, and guy pearce. i had heard about this movie before, unfortunately, i had just never gotten around to watching it. i am so happy i got to watch it though! it was amazing. so amazing in fact that i am watching it again today.

i didn't really know anything about edie sedgwick before i watched this movie but after watching it, i wanted to read more and more about her. edie sedgwick is such an interesting person that its no wonder why andy warhol was so intrigued by her. this girl had experienced some of the most terrible things yet she still followed her heart to get what she wanted. sadly, it wasn't such a happy ending for her...but just learning more about her, her effects on fashion and art...its simply incredible.

she saw andy warhol for what he was and for what he wanted to be seen as. she showed people that you have to look beyond the art you see in front of you. you have to see the person behind it. the character and personality behind it is what makes it so interesting. with her ability to see things in this way it only added to her beauty. andy warhol saw this and helped her become his "superstar." this in the end making edie sedgwick become such a style muse.

i highly recommend watching "factory girl" to anyone who hasn't seen it yet. it is such a good movie :]



  1. ill check this movie out :)

  2. yay! its so good. you won't regret it :]

  3. now watch: party girl. my personal fav. love deana


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