Tuesday, June 08, 2010

typical ... stereoptypical

Question...why is it that when women come along a good looking, nice, wonderful guy who could be nothing but good for us, we automatically either start to pick them apart or think they are gay?! I've been wondering this to myself the past few days and I guess the only answer I could come up with is that stereotyping has gotten the better of us! As a friend of mine (whose name shall not be mentioned) and I were laying in his bed, he put on Disney music. Yes...literal songs from Disney movies including (but not limited to) Tarzan, Lion King, and Beauty and the Beast. I sat there wondering...how could this cute boy who looks so masculine ever love Disney in a way that I do?! I thought I was the only one to love Disney in such a way that a Sunday morning would drive you to envelop yourself in the soundtracks to many Disney movies. Either we are GREAT for each other, or this boy MUST like other men, be gay, and being trying to hide it! Is there such a thing as inbetween? I suppose a METRO man would be the term or correct usage for this guy. Is it possible to love things this way, yet be straight at the same time?

Do not worry if this is you reading this and considering that I may be possibly writing about you. I DO NOT in any way, shape, or form think that you are gay! Maybe the real question isn't "why do we stereotype lovely men like you to be gay"? Maybe the real question is...why don't more guys become MEN and admit they like CHILDLIKE things?! Please someone explain this to me! Confidence is key my dear men. KEY! So if you like a romantic movie (please say its "The Notebook"), or if you have a love for Disney, or baby animals, or anything cute-like, and/or somewhat childlike & girly...ADMIT IT! trust me ... this will not be looked over.

Honestly, all girls appreciate a little HONESTY :] even if for the second we resort to considering stereotypical thoughts that enter our minds...if you prove to use otherwise, you will earn a lot more RESPECT and LOVIN from us :)

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