Saturday, January 30, 2010

brilliant words from a person i love.

each day you inspire me to be more than i am the day before.

my uncle wrote me this this morning and has made me believe in me. its so important each one of us be confident and love ourselves. we cant make anyone happy or have any open, honest, and pure relationships with anybody unless we are ourselves and we are the self that we accept and love. that means not trying to be somebody else. we just have to be...well simply put...just us :)

here is my letter from my uncle:

I'm writing this because I love you so much. I keep hearing you say, reading what you write and hearing from much you like being compared to celebrities. You are an amazing person on your own! You are a beautiful, intelligent, and gifted person that should have others want to be like you. Don't sell yourself short by needing to be like someone else. Be that person that stands out in the crowd. Be your own person. Let the rest of the world be jealous of you! Lead the pack. You have so much in you to offer the world that it saddens me to see you spin in circles, wondering what to do. You know what you want in take it! Make that choice and reach for your stars. They are just waiting for you. You will run into walls...but keep persevering, there are doors there that will open for you if you but try.

and so i say to everyone who just read that letter from my dearest uncle, take this letter and apply it to yourself when needed. I need to go over this everyday. It's so inspiring and gives such hope to me in my heart to know that people can think of me in this way. To know others can love you in such a way as this; that they want only for the best for warms your heart.

I hope everyone has a beautiful, beautiful day.


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  1. This was a wonderful message from Jeff and I am glad that you take it to heart. Now you need to embrace it and live it. We all feel this way about you and know you can do incredible things with your life once you set your mind to it! I love you! Mommy


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