Sunday, May 29, 2011

glasses glasses glasses: I NEED YOU!!

In the sixth grade I wanted glasses so badly. Having better than 20/20 vision however, did not help this cause whatsoever because glasses were not a necessity. Obviously the money did not need to be spent on these glasses so in turn I never bought a pair.  But with my grandma being a great grandma, she took me to the store and bought me a pair anyways. Needless to say, I lost them a short time later and didn't try the glasses thing again for a while.

Then a few years back when I was in high school, Urban Outfitters came out with a pair of glasses that were like the cute sunglasses they carried but with clear lenses. I wanted them so badly ! (If you were my friend on myspace you would have seen i had a photo of them on my page everyday.) Finally I got a pair and I would wear them all the time. They look rather silly to some people and quite a few asked if they were prescription and of course I said "no," because, well they weren't.

Anyways I lost those too :/ I think I let my friend borrow them for a costume party last year and I never saw them again. So now, I have had a hankering for glasses again. This time though, I think I actually need the glasses, with a prescription and all that jazz. Why do I think I need a prescription? Well, I was watching Sex and the City a few weeks ago with my tv about 10 feet away from me, and Carrie Bradshaw's face became blurry and I couldn't make out all the details like I used to be able to.  Thank goodness I have watched the episodes so many times so I knew what was going on, and who everyone was, and what their outfits looked like before the blurriness.

So before I go to hopefully get a prescription pair, I am going to find myself a pair of fake ones. They are so darn cute. And I always get super jealous (in a nice way of course) of all the cutesie people who get to wear them.  Hopefully this week I can find a new pair, to match the new hair im getting on Tuesday.

Any suggestions on where I can get a cute pair of Urbany type glasses?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

happy birthday to my favorite brothers

my dear friends jake and jordan had their birthday the other day. they were my first friends here in arizona. the two boys turned twenty-two (obviously they are twins thats why they have the same birthday duh.) anyways, we all went out to a bar called stray cat and after we went over to jake's house where all their friends came over. i brought them each a dozen red velvets with green dots on them from sprinkles (red velves and the color green are both of their faves).

most of the end of the night was kinda blurry (oopsies!) but i know what i did remember was pretty alright, even if i did get tackled and fell over a couch...and even if i burnt my hand on a lean cuisine when i got home (dont ask). i know i met a lot of beautiful people that night too and i know that i made a fool of myself a lot but as long as jordan and jake had a good night then thats all im worried about.

so happy birthday to two of my most favorite brothers. you'd be lucky to have friends like them in your life. so if you ever get the chance to meet them, don't take that for granted.

and a photoshoot in the "washroom" as josie calls it :)

who knew vegetarian food could be so delicious

last week i went to lunch with my dear friends micah and josie and josie's precious puppy melishka. im not sure how to spell her puppy's name but she is so sweet and darling. micah is a pescetarian, so we went to a vegetarian restaurant in scottsdale called green. looking at the place from the outside you would NEVER realize or even think to stop by. it was in a little strip of businesses in a dark grey building and a somewhat empty parking lot. i mean, i definitely would not have known this fantastic place really existed. so thank you to miss micah!

it was so delicious. i had the sweet and sour bowl, and i had vegetarian chicken in it. i was kind of nervous to try it. i mean...meat that isn't...meat? its weird to think about. but i will tell you now...i couldnt even tell a difference. it was wonderful.

you can bet i will definitely be eating there again.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

is there an over the counter treatment for homesickness?

they say home is where you heart is. my heart isn't in boise though i don't think. so why am i so homesick? maybe my heart is there and i just needed to move here to figure that out. im not sure. but what i am sure of is that i miss my mom. i miss my best friends rachel and sabra. i miss my sisters, my family, working at the daycare.

being here has opened me up to a new adventure and i have met so many wonderful people. i am so appreciative of that and i would never change it for the world. moving away from home though has just got me feeling really homesick. one thing i was thinking about today as far as what i miss was having boise be so comfortable. i know all the streets, roads, shortcuts. i know so many people there. i used to hate the fact that i could never go anywhere without running into someone. but now i miss that. i still dont know a lot of people here and i haven't been able to do that with anyone here. i think though that maybe moving away was what i needed to appreciate the great things i had there. then again, there are definitely some things about boise i don't miss. perhaps i just miss the idea of boise? im not sure. but today i am just missing EVERYTHING about boise.

i was talking to my lovely friend ashley (ive feature her before) and my amazing best friend rachel about all of it too. ugh i miss my rachel (ive featured her also here and here and a few more places!). rachel is just one of those friends who is always so honest with you and supportive and caring. they both made me feel a lot better about today and missing home.

ashley told me "you can always come back and you are somewhere are missing out on NOTHING here. dont let your past steal your present kaileigh:) just keep looking forward! you moved.. thats the hardest part! now focus on all the possibilities." to this i replied "youre right. my past just holds so many comforts i took for granted, but i cant let that affect all the memories i could be making." and then with that ashley said back to me (and i love this):

"you said it yourself though it was "comfortable" dont confuse that with happiness just because its comfortable does not mean it is right for you. life isnt supposed to be comfortable, its supposed to be EXCITING!"

and for that i love her. my whole day became so much better because of my conversation with her. i just need to go home and visit boise asap. also i did decide that my heart is in boise. sometimes i wish it wasn't though.

Friday, May 20, 2011

fabulous feature friday !!

so today i am featuring another one of my new friends here in arizona. her name is ashely hanson and she is sooo naturally pretty its insane! im really excited that she was the first one to write me back about featuring someone today for the blog for my new feature friday posts. not only does she work at sprinkles with me, she works at j. crew as well. hello how amazing is that store? i can tell that she and i are going to have a great friendship and i am lucky to have her here in arizona.

here are ten things that make ashley very, very happy:

1. marc jacobs bargains
2. cute boys
3. seafood/sushi
4. friends and family
5. the beach
6. a good run
7. laughing so hard she pees her pants and being goofy
8. corny jokes
9. flowers
10. getting into good trouble

oh and she just informed me she forgot one!

11. concerts

so there you have it. a little insight into ashley's happiness.  what are some things that make you happy?
if you'd like to be featured feel free to e-mail me your happy list { }

a lesson in shortening words aka being cool

alright alright so ive been using some words lately that some of you but most of you may not understand. hopefully my closest friends do considering that they have been using them too and that would be just silly to say words that you dont understand. so i compiled a list of words with their meanings and examples of how they would be used in a sentence. feel free to add any of your own.

perfect - perf
   example: holy cow his hair is so perf.

usual - (pronounced yousjuh) not quite sure how to spell it
   example: oh i havent been up to much. just the usje. (once again spelling this is weird.)

no big deal - nbd
   example: i hungout with garrett hedlund last night...nbd.

red velvets - red velvs
   example: yea i'll take a dozen red velvs.

obvious/obviously - obv
   example: i watch dirty dancing everyday obv !

totally - totes
   example: "did you buy the new land before time movie?" "you mean number 27? totes!"

sprinkles - sprinks
   example: "did you want sprinks on that dark chocolate cupcake?"

regular - reg
    example: i do yoga on the reg.

precious - presh
   example: that dress is so presh on you.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

random thoughts on my unfocused day

yesterday i was at work extremely bored on my break and i thought of some random things to tell all of you. here goes:

-sometimes i wish i spoke multiple languages or that i could read lips.  that way whenever someone with an accent talked to me, i could understand them and not say "what?" repeatedly.

-have you ever noticed how adorable little children with accents are? especially little boys with british accents! i would move to england for the soul purpose that my children could be all the more cute with a little accent. AND you can bet that i would dress them up as a different harry potter character every halloween.

-i am ninety-seven percent positive i want to live in denver for the rest of my life. thats a big statement but i would love to own my own house in the cherry creek neighborhood.

-when i am able to buy my own house i want to have a cute little one story with a pretty front yard that has a big tree in it.

-i still would love to be a wedding planner. once i move away from arizona, i plan on moving to denver to do just that.

-has anyone ever noticed how amazingly good looking garrett hedland is? he is in the movie tron and in the movie country strong. my friend kristen told me about him the other day and HELLO he is the new secret celebrity crush of mine. dear garrett can we please meet some day? thanks.

-i finally started paying off my debt! im so excited. i have quite a bit to pay off but if i stay disciplined i will get it all paid in no time!

-a wall color for my room has been chosen. GREEN! im not sure when ill be painting it but obviously ill be putting pictures up when i do.

-miranda kerr is so incredibly gorgeous and she is married to orland bloom and they have a baby together. thats a whole lot of beautiful going on there.

thats about it for my random thoughts. hope youre having a fabulous day !

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

just some fashion photos

the health kick has begun

lately i have been eating a lot of salad and dinosaur chicken nuggets. hello amazing. and they aren't bad for you too because they're not fried! ive been kind of on this health kick lately and i am really excited about it. i haven't gone all out with it yet but i am so excited that i am no longer spending all my money on eating out. not that eating out is a waste of money, ts so fun. but i since i have been spending money by eating at home i have been able to feel better about myself and spend less money. its nice!

i still am on the search for the best hamburger on though and the best french fries. oh AND the best sushi! sushi is wonderful and healthy but hamburgers and french fries, not so much. ill have to eat those sparingly. but i'll obviously keep everyone updated on my findings. so far Gordon Biersch has had the best hamburger. melt in your mouth, never want to put it down taste. so yummy! and i didnt even have anything special on it. just the regular lettuce and tomato and ketchup. DELISH. i didnt get to take pictures of it though. so you're going to have to trust me when i tell you so is THE BEST.

anyways back to the health kick...i have been craving salads like no other lately. i made this salad based on an amazing one i had in boise. lettuce, tomato, cucumber, tuna, and balsamic vinagerette. do any of you know of amazing salad recipes you love? i would love to have some new recipes. also, i have been doing yoga. okay i have done yoga twice. i did it sunday and i did it today! if i can do it every other day i would be so proud of myself. my body just felt so relaxed and open and refreshed afterwards. and to know i can feel all of that AND make myself more healthy, and help myself to look better so i can feel more confident. there is nothing better.

Monday, May 16, 2011

songs im adoring

oh to be in love again...

ive been kinda been in odd moods lately. remember how i posted that blog lately saying that i have felt off? im still feelinb that way! i dont know why really. 

actually, i do know why. just memories and things that have come up that make me remember a love i lost. i wish so badly that i could be in love with someone again.  i love being in love and i love loving someone.  i love doing all the little things to make someone else happy.  there is literally nothing like coming home to a person who loves you and is so excited to see you and then you can return that same excitement and happiness and comfort.

i just miss having a noah to my ally. i love the notebook. some of you may have seen previous entries about me loving love, but this actually may be the most recent post ive written about love in about a year. i figured it was about time.  i want a love like the notebook. seriously, to this date, that movie remains one of my all time favorite movies. its so genuine and anyone who says that love like the one in that movie doesn't exist...they are either bitter or extremely pessimistic because i have seen that love and i have experienced a love for someone like that.

lately i have been thinking a lot about being in love again. ive been thinking that maybe just maybe the person i once loved IS the person i am supposed to be with no matter whats happened...i dont know how to tell the difference of a gut feeling or me just wishing i could give my love to someone so badly that i would still choose him if i had to choose someone. does that make sense? it wouldn't be settling though. please don't think of it as that. but it would be a comfort to choose him because i have felt safe and loved before from said person.

i don't know. i don't know. i don't know. we shall see i guess. i just hate being patient sometimes. i know that there is a GREAT love out there for me. just waiting for it is growing tiring. anyways, here are some really great songs ive found lately. i hope you enjoy them.

Friday, May 13, 2011

fabulous feature friday !!

today i am featuring one of my most favorite girls on the planet, kylie adams. she and i just recently met when i started working at sprinkles with her. she is spunky, adorable, weird, gorgeous, and sooooo amazing. imagine all of those things put together and you have got my little friend kylie. i am so thankful i have her as a friend here in arizona. :)

she writes her own blog as well. we live in a blogging world together she and i. i cant wait to get my camera soon so that she and i can share pictures and blog together. :)

here are ten things that make kylie very extremely happy!

1. hot tea
2. dresses
3. my family
4. stargazer lilies
5. sex and the city
6. reading
7. music (DOUBLE DUH)
8. traveling
9. my friends
10. date nights

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

i had the day off today

on my days off i like to take pictures of myself...okay not really...but i got bored and thought "okay. i need to have some new photos of me!" so i took some. THE END.

giveaway !!

i will be doing a giveaway once i have one hundred followers on my blog. the person will be picked at random :) so dont wait to be the 100th follower because that is just not how its going to work! its really easy to become one. click this little link and its two steps away. and walah. not only have you made me happy but you have entered yourself for the giveaway.  if that doesn't work you may always click the "follow" link to the right of this entry! alright thats all for now. im going to go do some wall art for my little apartment. xoox. have a fabulous day!

oh ps heres some random little iphone pictures. the first is a wedding dress i saw. no im not getting married, nor do i have a boyfriend. but i love this dress. the second is the most perfect strawberry i have ever seen in my life. the third is a salad i made the other day. so delicious and filling and healthy at that. and the fourth. well those are my feet. duh. i just painted my toes and my cousin told me i had feet like arielle in the little mermaid so i thought id show all of you. the end.

designing the little apartment we call home

my bestie jaemi moved in on saturday. she bought a tv and a cute futon for our living room and let me tell you that our little apartment feels so much more like a home now. i cannot wait to paint and get everything hung up and all the shelves decorated with books and little vases and candle holders. it will look so lovely. it will be really interesting to see what jaemi and i come up with when its all finished because our styles are so similar sometimes but at the same time they are SO different. maybe it will be the perfect eclectic collection i want and need.

here are a few things that i want to put in my bedroom. unfortuantely i couldnt find a picture that would work to be uploaded for the table i want. i guess i should clarify that i dont want the table in my bedroom. however i would like either a chest of drawers or a big desk to put my tv on and hopefully my soon to be my own macbook. i would love that. then around the desk id like to put a bookshelf and then some shelves into the walls. id love that. next to the desk i would like to have a chair. im not sure if i want this chair im featuring on here or somewhat of a chaise lounge. we'll see how much room i have once i get my bed set in there.

1. ikea bed frame $179.00
2. ikea armchair $299.00
3. ikea wall shelf $40.00
4. west elm duvet cover $119.00 [hello its organic!!]
5. west elm recycled glass lantern $7.00-$21.00
6. world market chair $140.00
7. world market floor cushion $49.99
8. world market lantern $29.99

9. target black bistro dining set $99.00

this is all i can think of for now. i want to do some in-store exploring. so when i do i promise i will go find the pieces i love online and post them in here. im debating if i want to paint my entire room a green color. a very bold, but still very pretty green color. or if i should just do one wall. im not quite sure. im not too big of a fan of accent walls, but maybe it could work.

if any of you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to leave me a comment below and let me know!

Friday, May 06, 2011

i finished my sex and the city seasons...

so today i finished all my seasons of sex and the city...again...okay for the third time. so i thought i would write down a few of my most favorite quotes from the show. some are inspiring, some make you think, and some are just for heck of it. but sex and the city will forever be my most favorite show on the entire planet. i love it.

if i had to pick one character to connect to it would be carrie bradshaw. maybe with a little charlotte thrown in. thats because i cant wait to get married and have a family. but i have more of carries humor, outlook, etc., and i love to write. i absolutely love fashion. and well basically i just am carrie bradshaw. :)

aidan shaw is my favorite guy that carrie dates. oh my goodness. if i could end up with someone like aidan then i would be the happiest girl on the entire planet. some people think he was too much of a push over but a guy who loves me that greats me when i walk in the door with a "hey poptart how ya been and whatcha been doin?" would make me melt.

"let me be clear about who i am. I am someone who is looking for love. real love. ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can't live without each other love." -carrie bradshaw
"some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies." -carrie bradshaw
"“Later that day I got to thinking about relationships. There are those that open you up to something new and exotic, those that are old and familiar, those that bring up lots of questions, those that bring you somewhere unexpected, those that bring you far from where you started, and those that bring you back. But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous." -carrie bradshaw
“It's really hard to walk in a single woman's shoes -- that's why you sometimes need really special shoes!”
“I don't believe in the Republican party or the Democratic party. I just believe in parties. " - samantha jones

feeling a tad bit off

have you ever had those weeks where you just feel off? or even just days when you don't feel like yourself? i feel like the past week i have been feeling exactly like that. and i dont like it. im trying to get back into the swing of things. i mean there is so much to be happy about. so to try and feel more positive and happy i have composed a list of things that have made me happy this week.

1. i started officially working at sprinkles! i was training before but now i officially on the schedule.
2. i have gotten to hang out with my new friend kylie twice already. she is adorable and so cute! she recently started blogging as well
3. kylie and i have made plans to do a bake entry once week that we will both feature on our blogs.
4. i watched love actually last night. well most of it...i was playing "words with friends" at the same time so it became a little distracting.
5. i started my healthy diet. i have been doing really well on it and have already lost 2.2 pounds. i am so excited!
6. i found a half marathon that i am thinking about training for. if you know me, you know that i hate running. i kind of want to do it so that i can just say that i ran a half marathon once in my life.
7. the half marathon I'm considering running takes place in disneyland. its the tinkerbell half marathon.
8. i am loving being healthy. 
9. i have been fast food free for three days and my body feels great.
10. the other night at work we had extra cupcakes leftover that were mess-ups from the new people being trained as frosters the other day. i got to take home thirty-three. they're all in my freezer don't worry.

ps here are some photos i found that i think are so sweet and adorable.

Monday, May 02, 2011

hello sunshine

i have been able to layout in the sunshine three times so far this year! i am so happy about this. not only do i despise being pale, but i hate having to be cooped up all the time inside due to cold weather. that is just one of the reasons that i moved to arizona. it was only april and it was between 85-95 degrees! how exciting. i'm savoring this while i can because i have heard that summers are absolutely brutal. this little miss sunshine will be soaking up the rays though as much as i can. try not to be jealous.

birthday post

here are a few pictures from my fabulous birthday. i only have a few to post but it was such a great day.

i woke up and got coffee and a cupcake with my amazing friend jake. we got me a cute red candle to go with my birthday cupcake (a peanut butter chocolate chip cupcake), and jake's cupcake (cinnamon sugar). did you know at dutch bros they give you a free drink for your birthday? ANYTHING YOU WANT. it was great!

after this i dropped jake off at his house, and came back and wrote that plethora of posts to update everyone on my life here. then, brynne and i ventured to california pizza kitchen and ate some dinner. to walk off some of our food, we walked around tempe marketplace where we ventured inside of an art gallery. we then went to the store and purchase some drinks and a shirt for that night. at about 830 we headed back over to jake's house and the festivities began. it was so much fun. my best friend from boise, jaemi, was even there. she is the one who is moving in with me next week down here. oh and to make my night even better...i got to wear my minnie mouse ears.

BEST BIRTHDAY TO DATE. thank you everyone who helped make it special.