Friday, October 22, 2010

best friends are the best.

this past week i have been so sick :( strep throat and the flu on top of that...definitely not the kind of week i had hoped for. i laid in bed for three days straight watching nothing but "its always sunny in philadelphia," "sex and the city," and movies upon movies. 

if anything however this week has taught me that my best friends are the ones you can count on most. 

my best friend christine robey has taken care me of me so much this week. she is one of the best friends i could ever ask for.

1. when i was too sick to drive, she drove me to the doctor.
2. when i was too sick to go to the store to get gatorade and salt (for saltwater), she brought it to me before i even had to ask.
3. when i was tired she tucked me into bed and made sure that i was okay before she left to go to her classes.
4. when i needed light bulbs and chocolate chip cookies, she went out of her way to go to the store and buy them for me...she wouldn't even let me pay her back.
5. she just knew what i needed to be cheered up and feel better. 

i absolutely love this girl with all my heart.

one of my best friend's katie vellman also took care of me this week, even though she lives in seattle

1. she kept me company through texts and phone calls, making sure i was okay, and then telling me all about what was going on in her life. she let me listen to her talk and talk and i loved that! usually i am the chatty one but she traded places with me this time and it was so nice.

and my best friend rachel hildebrand. she helped me get out of my house and back on my feet today. i went to lunch with her and we ate salads together. it was so lovely to catch up and it was really nice to get out of my house i'd been quarantined in for four days. seriously that girl can make anything funny i swear. i love, love, love her.

i am so appreciative for all the friends in my life. so thank you, thank you, thank you :]

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