Sunday, October 03, 2010

list of updates

here's a little list of everything thats new with me since its been almost a month without updating anyone on  anything !

1. i got a studio apartment downtown :) its adorable and i love it. i need to get all my stuff moved in but being me and being a procrastinator this is just not going as fast as i want it to.

2. i bought home alone the other day. i already had it but it was scratched from watching it too many times so i bought a new one.

3. im going to new jersey on thursday until tuesday to visit family for my grandpa's birthday. we're spreading his ashes in the ocean (don't tell anyone!), and then going to dinner. i'm really excited and happy to see my family (even given the circumstances). hopefully i can squeeze in a little day trip to new york city :)

4. i love, love, love my best friend cricky.

5. im meeting with one of my bosses to come up with a business plan for my cupcake shop on wednesday.

6. im buying a macbook (and making payments hello of course) when i get back from new jersey!

7. zooey deschanel is my favorite ever.

8. i still love sex and the city.

9. i quit my job at the daycare and so now i am a cocktail waitress full time and i still work at anthropologie.

so there you have it.
thats all thats new (amongst random other things i can't think of right now)
ill be back soon to update with pictures of new jersey (my camera broke so i need to borrow someones).


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