Monday, October 18, 2010

sickly little monday

im sitting here at my mom's being sickly, little me :[ i think i have a really bad cold or a sinus infection. sometimes though, my allergies make me feel like this so in hopes of being not contagious, lets chalk it up to that! my pictures from new jersey aren't loading either :[ such a sad day. i wish i had a macbook again, but hopefully within the next month ill be getting one. after all this complaining though, i feel like i should make a list of the positives of why today is still a good day!

little list of positive vibes 
1. i got all my laundry done last night (yay for beautiful, clean clothes)!!
2. im going to get arrested development season 2 today i believe.
3. i can go home and watch "how to train your dragon"
4. i found a parking lot where i can park for $3 ALL DAY!
5. its almost halloween which means theres LOTS and LOTS of candy.
6. im going to ironically tell you that im very determined to be healthy (right after telling you how much i love candy !)
7. its soup weather outside. 
8. i have soup in my cupboards.
9. im going to get a kitten sometime this week.
10. my best friend cricky is home today.
11. i found two songs that i absolutely adore right now


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  1. bitch im never involved in your stupid blogs............YOU WHORE. :] love you anyways


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