Sunday, October 31, 2010

lists of my rather LARGE family

so after i just posted that ginormous new jersey post, i realized no one knows who any of my family in new jersey is, or how big of a family i really have there. someday when i have a post from my moms family, i will put up a list of everyone on that side! but for now here is my dad's side of the family. im sure if you'd ever met them, you'd love them. they're loud, fun, outgoing, hilarious, and such a good time.  we like to listen to the B52's so enjoy this little music video too !

AUNTS & UNCLES [oldest to youngest] 5 girls, 5 boys
1. patty
2. jimmy
3. cathy
4. my dad [michael]
5. linda
6. jennifer
7. nancy
8. kevin
9. thomas
10. danny

COUSINS [oldest to youngest]
1. robert
2. bo
3. danielle
4. me (kaileigh duh!)
5. austin
6. connor
7. morgan
8. kyle
9. catherine
10. logan
11. jessica
12. sierra
13. jonathan
14. abigail
15. james
16. sophia
17. patrick
18. addison (my sister)
19. angela


finally the new jersey trip

finally! so sorry its taken me three weeks to finally get these up. i can't believe i have already been home for three weeks. thats crazy. at first the camera wasn't  loading the pictures about a week ago BUT! i did get it to work today. im over at my mum's house doing laundry and thought i'd give it a shot since all i am doing is SITTING here playing on the computer, listening to my jack johnson pandora station. so here are just some of them im putting up. have a fabulous day!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

coffee amore

so I was thinking in honor of this fall/winter season coming up so quickly I would list "a few of my favorite things." But as I sit here thinking about it, I really can't pinpoint what some of my favorites are when it comes to say...favorite animals, colors, movies, etc. Do you ever have trouble with that? I feel like there's so many people who are so certain their most very favorite color is red, or blue, or (for example my friend rachel) their favorite animal is cats. But! I can never seem to choose. Or if I do choose, it always seems to change months if not weeks later. Haha.

Lately, I've been trying to find out what my favorite coffee drink to order is. I've tried sugar-free caramel lattes, caramel macchiatos, mochas, white mochas, toffee nut mochas, pumpkin spice lattes. I will admit pumpkin spice lattes are one of the choices I ALWAYS consider in the autumn, along with peppermint mochas in winter. To be honest though, I just absolutely cannot pick a coffee that I would order time and time again. I guess this makes it easy for anyone who would like to bring me a coffee. I jus would love it to be as sugar free and skinny as can be.

So I think that this very minute I'm deciding my fall drink will be either a pumpkin spice latte and/or a toffee nut mocha! I'm one hundred percent sure that will change once peppermint mochas come out though.


Friday, October 22, 2010

best friends are the best.

this past week i have been so sick :( strep throat and the flu on top of that...definitely not the kind of week i had hoped for. i laid in bed for three days straight watching nothing but "its always sunny in philadelphia," "sex and the city," and movies upon movies. 

if anything however this week has taught me that my best friends are the ones you can count on most. 

my best friend christine robey has taken care me of me so much this week. she is one of the best friends i could ever ask for.

1. when i was too sick to drive, she drove me to the doctor.
2. when i was too sick to go to the store to get gatorade and salt (for saltwater), she brought it to me before i even had to ask.
3. when i was tired she tucked me into bed and made sure that i was okay before she left to go to her classes.
4. when i needed light bulbs and chocolate chip cookies, she went out of her way to go to the store and buy them for me...she wouldn't even let me pay her back.
5. she just knew what i needed to be cheered up and feel better. 

i absolutely love this girl with all my heart.

one of my best friend's katie vellman also took care of me this week, even though she lives in seattle

1. she kept me company through texts and phone calls, making sure i was okay, and then telling me all about what was going on in her life. she let me listen to her talk and talk and i loved that! usually i am the chatty one but she traded places with me this time and it was so nice.

and my best friend rachel hildebrand. she helped me get out of my house and back on my feet today. i went to lunch with her and we ate salads together. it was so lovely to catch up and it was really nice to get out of my house i'd been quarantined in for four days. seriously that girl can make anything funny i swear. i love, love, love her.

i am so appreciative for all the friends in my life. so thank you, thank you, thank you :]

Monday, October 18, 2010

sickly little monday

im sitting here at my mom's being sickly, little me :[ i think i have a really bad cold or a sinus infection. sometimes though, my allergies make me feel like this so in hopes of being not contagious, lets chalk it up to that! my pictures from new jersey aren't loading either :[ such a sad day. i wish i had a macbook again, but hopefully within the next month ill be getting one. after all this complaining though, i feel like i should make a list of the positives of why today is still a good day!

little list of positive vibes 
1. i got all my laundry done last night (yay for beautiful, clean clothes)!!
2. im going to get arrested development season 2 today i believe.
3. i can go home and watch "how to train your dragon"
4. i found a parking lot where i can park for $3 ALL DAY!
5. its almost halloween which means theres LOTS and LOTS of candy.
6. im going to ironically tell you that im very determined to be healthy (right after telling you how much i love candy !)
7. its soup weather outside. 
8. i have soup in my cupboards.
9. im going to get a kitten sometime this week.
10. my best friend cricky is home today.
11. i found two songs that i absolutely adore right now


Sunday, October 03, 2010

list of updates

here's a little list of everything thats new with me since its been almost a month without updating anyone on  anything !

1. i got a studio apartment downtown :) its adorable and i love it. i need to get all my stuff moved in but being me and being a procrastinator this is just not going as fast as i want it to.

2. i bought home alone the other day. i already had it but it was scratched from watching it too many times so i bought a new one.

3. im going to new jersey on thursday until tuesday to visit family for my grandpa's birthday. we're spreading his ashes in the ocean (don't tell anyone!), and then going to dinner. i'm really excited and happy to see my family (even given the circumstances). hopefully i can squeeze in a little day trip to new york city :)

4. i love, love, love my best friend cricky.

5. im meeting with one of my bosses to come up with a business plan for my cupcake shop on wednesday.

6. im buying a macbook (and making payments hello of course) when i get back from new jersey!

7. zooey deschanel is my favorite ever.

8. i still love sex and the city.

9. i quit my job at the daycare and so now i am a cocktail waitress full time and i still work at anthropologie.

so there you have it.
thats all thats new (amongst random other things i can't think of right now)
ill be back soon to update with pictures of new jersey (my camera broke so i need to borrow someones).