Sunday, October 31, 2010

lists of my rather LARGE family

so after i just posted that ginormous new jersey post, i realized no one knows who any of my family in new jersey is, or how big of a family i really have there. someday when i have a post from my moms family, i will put up a list of everyone on that side! but for now here is my dad's side of the family. im sure if you'd ever met them, you'd love them. they're loud, fun, outgoing, hilarious, and such a good time.  we like to listen to the B52's so enjoy this little music video too !

AUNTS & UNCLES [oldest to youngest] 5 girls, 5 boys
1. patty
2. jimmy
3. cathy
4. my dad [michael]
5. linda
6. jennifer
7. nancy
8. kevin
9. thomas
10. danny

COUSINS [oldest to youngest]
1. robert
2. bo
3. danielle
4. me (kaileigh duh!)
5. austin
6. connor
7. morgan
8. kyle
9. catherine
10. logan
11. jessica
12. sierra
13. jonathan
14. abigail
15. james
16. sophia
17. patrick
18. addison (my sister)
19. angela


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