Monday, November 01, 2010

well hello to you november.

its november! its november! :] i am so so so excited. this means its only one month and twenty-four days until christmas. can you believe that? i feel like it was only just christmas last year. this year has just absolutely flown by but its been so great so far. this month is going to be so wonderful. ive made so many new friendships and grown so much closer to the friends ive already made! PLUS its going to be thanksgiving, and present buying time, and decorating. 

i'll be honest...after i get all of the rest of my stuff (which is most definitley happening this week) i am going to put up my christmas tree. call me crazy but i dont think you really understand how much i love christmas. oh i just love the holidays. they're so wonderful and fun. 
this is the best time of year. so excited :]

happy beginning of the holidays season 

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