Thursday, November 04, 2010

awaiting the festival of trees

every year one of the hospitals here puts on an event called "the festival of trees." local business decorate trees for christmas in all sorts of different ways and then they auction them off to earn money for the hospital. its such a great cause and it gets everyone so excited for christmas. i mean there are probably over a hundred christmas trees, wreaths, garland, etc., that are decorated in different themes. people go absolutely all out! i wish i had my own set of personal pictures to show you but for now ill just have to settle for some that i found. it takes place over the week of thanksgiving and oh my goodness i cannot wait. its going to be so fun and so perfect to just get a cup of hot chocolate and walk around the inside of the event center listening to christmas music and getting so happy and filled with christmas cheer. oh my goodness :] 

this year its november 24th-28th in case you were wondering (i know i was). they also have special events such as dinners, or breakfast with santa, and they have performances too. when i used to dance in elementary school and middle school i remember we'd perform every year at the festival of trees. so much fun! ill definitely be taking lots of photos. twenty more days !!! yay !


*i found this one floating around on the interweb.
[[a soda tree]]

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