Saturday, January 30, 2010

brilliant words from a person i love.

each day you inspire me to be more than i am the day before.

my uncle wrote me this this morning and has made me believe in me. its so important each one of us be confident and love ourselves. we cant make anyone happy or have any open, honest, and pure relationships with anybody unless we are ourselves and we are the self that we accept and love. that means not trying to be somebody else. we just have to be...well simply put...just us :)

here is my letter from my uncle:

I'm writing this because I love you so much. I keep hearing you say, reading what you write and hearing from much you like being compared to celebrities. You are an amazing person on your own! You are a beautiful, intelligent, and gifted person that should have others want to be like you. Don't sell yourself short by needing to be like someone else. Be that person that stands out in the crowd. Be your own person. Let the rest of the world be jealous of you! Lead the pack. You have so much in you to offer the world that it saddens me to see you spin in circles, wondering what to do. You know what you want in take it! Make that choice and reach for your stars. They are just waiting for you. You will run into walls...but keep persevering, there are doors there that will open for you if you but try.

and so i say to everyone who just read that letter from my dearest uncle, take this letter and apply it to yourself when needed. I need to go over this everyday. It's so inspiring and gives such hope to me in my heart to know that people can think of me in this way. To know others can love you in such a way as this; that they want only for the best for warms your heart.

I hope everyone has a beautiful, beautiful day.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

well hello. its been quite some time.

goodness. its been months. ive been so busy and terrible at getting around to writing :/ procrastination is one thing i am crossing off my list of terrible personality traits this year. being replaced with so many new attitudes i do not even know where to begin! :)

first off. let me just tell you...if you have not seen SEX AND THE CITY... i highly recommend watching it. unless that is seeing and talking about sex and relationships highly offends you or makes you uncomfortable.

to be honest the show is so much more than that. i feel like every girl can relate to each character in one way or another. it gives you such a different outlook on being single and/or in a relationship! i feel good about being single now and having my own thing to do. its made me want to remain single and love having that things for me and figure out who i am first before i enter into a relationship with anyone else! :)

also...i have an even greater appreciation for music lately. has anyone seen 500 days of summer? i HIGHLY recommend it. its such a good movie! i suggest watching it with an OPEN and REALISTIC mind. do not go into it thinking all romantic-like and think of the fairy-tale ending. this movie is exactly what could happen to any couple. it takes a different perspective on things. i love it :) the music is incredible in it. so many amazing, indie artists. in fact, the movie was written and then the music was chosen for it and then rewritten to fit the soundtrack! i think thats incredible
it is definitely in my top ten.

lets see ... what else is new...i have just come to appreciate everything so much more. i dont feel like i take anything for granted. whether its materialistic or not, i appreciate fashion so much more. i loved it before but now its a passion of mine. i walked into the store anthropology and about had a heart attack! ive been in there before but just having that new found appreciation for things...i loved everything i saw. never have i ever been into a store where i could have walked around and touched everything i saw. i took it all in. and loved every minute i was in there.

dont we need more moments like those in life? the ones where we can stop and look around, and just appreciate everything about what were experience right then?

i think so. this year i want to create more of those.

anyways. i hope everyone is having a great year so far. :) ill try and update as much as i can.

have a beautiful day