Tuesday, July 13, 2010

snocones & bicycles

today after i got done hanging out with my friend devin, i drove home to my mum's house while listening to vampire weekend. hello this is amazing and perfect music for summer. because of this i instantly wanted to watch the movie stepbrothers. nope it didn't make me want a snocone...not yet anyways. so i was driving, and driving, and then driving some more, and when i got into my neighborhood i saw the snocone shack! YES! so i went home, parked, and got my cute bicycle out of the garage. i put my purse in the basket [i needed it to support my snocone so it wouldn't fall over!] and rode off. 

i also wanted to capture this cute experience so i took pictures...because well what is the point of this blog but to show a little insight to a cute life right ? :] and to show positive, happy things that make people smile.

and what, might i ask is the possibility that someone doesn't become instantly happy at the thought of bike rides to the snocone shack?! i'll tell you: SLIM TO NONE.

oh also i forgot to add that i went to barnes and noble tonight! YAY! i hadn't been there in so long and it was amazing to see everybody i used to work with. i especially missed sarah j. however i got her phone number AND email so i will be catching up with my favorite lady from barnes and noble very, VERY soon :] and the thought of that makes me even more happy. 

when i was there, i purchased "peter and the secret of rundoon" by dave barry & ridley pearson. it is the third in that series. can i just tell you that it is one of my favorite series of books besides harry potter. its about how peter pan became peter pan! basically everything from peter pan and the story behind it. you know...how it came to be. its not like the original "peter pan" novel. no no no. its about peter pan, as a boy, and how he develops into peter, how tinkerbell becomes tinkerbell, how neverland was found, the lost boys, etc., etc., etc. 


today was such a good day :]



today for our field trip with the kids at the daycare we went to kana girl's hawaiian bbq !!! it was so yummy and delicious. its authentic, hawaiian food. trust me when i say...i will definitely be recommending this to everyone. obviously i haven't talked about any restaurants enough to the point of which they get their own special little entry...but this place was entirely a great experience.

keoni [who is in one of the picture's below anddd he owns it with his wife Kana, hence the name kana girl's] was seriously so amazing with all of the kids! they set up our field trip within an hour of realizing today was our day to come and it couldn't have gone any more smoothly. not only was keoni insanely nice, he was so outgoing, and extremely funny. keoni, kana, and their son [who works there too] made our experience fabulous. they taught us all these things about hawaii, how they barbecue things, the types of food there, and about all the culture! 

plus you KNOW you can trust the food being authentic because keoni grew up in hawaii! i didn't get a chance to ask kana, but either way the food is AMAZING :]

if you ever get a chance to go here i certainly suggest you do :] you won't leave unhappy and your day will be SOOO much better after you leave. trust me! 

mahalo kana girl's for such a fabulous time.
i'll be seeing you soon!


ps...this place gets even more extra points because keoni had seen "forgetting sarah marshall" <--- one of my favorite movies, ANDDD he told me where they filmed it! SO EXCITED!

p-double-s...here are some words i learned in hawaiian:

aloha - hello/goodbye [but really it means to exchange breath!]
mahalo - thank you
ohana - family

p-triple-s here are some review sites of kana girl's :]

Friday, July 02, 2010

photoshoot on the 2nd day of this jubilant july

my fabulous cousin anna is now doing her own small business of being a photographer. she does some really wonderful work that i think you should definitely check out! today we did a photo shoot with me today!  this morning we went downtown with one of the girl's she was shooting for her senior pictures and we ended up taking some of me too. it was so much fun. my first photo shoot by myself ever and i loved it. we jus did happy, smiley pictures but it was a really good experience for me. 

later this evening, my cousin emily and i went out with anna and she did another photo shoot with the both of us. we stayed in the eagle area and went into the two rivers neighborhood. we found this small but gorgeous waterfall that had a creek running off and into a small lake. we took almost all of our pictures there. they turned out amazing!

i will definitely be posting her work from today on here sometime this weekend. 
can't wait to show everyone!!!

i HIGHLY recommend checking out her website...even if you're not looking into doing pictures for yourself/family at this moment, at least you will have her site to keep in mind for the future.


Thursday, July 01, 2010

alive after five & ecstasy water

in addition to my day that was already fantastic, it became even better when one of my closest friends rachel & i went to alive after five. i don't think there is one person who can sit there and tell me that the combination of tons of people, live music, and getting to be in the beautiful sunshine, couldn't be fun. unless you are unfortunately an albino or someone who can't be in the sun...or if you hate music...or if you're an introvert then i really don't think anyone can say they hate alive after five! 

anyways it was such a good time. i met new friends and saw people i haven't seen in such a long while. i loved it. i really am looking forward to going next week! so cross your fingers that i don't work.

not only is alive after five good for the music, and everything else i mentioned, it is a PERFECT place for people watching. this is why the entry is called "alive after five & ecstasy water." the man in the floral shorts in the pictures below was dancing around in front of the stage spraying everyone with his two water bottles. he seemed like he was on ecstasy or maybe just reallyyyy feeling the music. rachel and i referred to the water in the bottle though as ecstasy water because we were SURE he put some in there and was trying to get everyone to feel the music in the way that he was. hahaha love it. 

hopefully see you there next week!


ps see if you can spot the john gosselin look alike in the fourth picture.

hello hello july july

well hello july...fancy seeing you here !

yesterday i had such a marvelous day! it was so much fun. i feel like everytime i visit the library i get a little happier inside. it makes me feel like when i was little (mostly because i still spend ALL my time in the kids' section). it also reminds me of my days at barnes and noble when i ran the children's department. oh how i miss that job. kids' books are seriously one of the best things ever. lovvve it. what are your favorite kids' books?! [picture book and/or regular chapter book]

i wish i could have gotten a better picture of the front but i snapped one real quick and then i took two pictures of the parking lot because i'm lame and think the parking lot is so pretty. is that weird? "i think the parking lot is so pretty." hahaha. i feel like people don't usually say that but...appreciate the little things right? :]

anyways...i need to get myself a library card here. i used to read SO often and now i feel like i never have time and well...i just don't anymore. its sad really :/ but i'll get back into it! don't worry! and when i do i'll be posting all my fabulous reads for everyone to see :]