Tuesday, July 13, 2010

snocones & bicycles

today after i got done hanging out with my friend devin, i drove home to my mum's house while listening to vampire weekend. hello this is amazing and perfect music for summer. because of this i instantly wanted to watch the movie stepbrothers. nope it didn't make me want a snocone...not yet anyways. so i was driving, and driving, and then driving some more, and when i got into my neighborhood i saw the snocone shack! YES! so i went home, parked, and got my cute bicycle out of the garage. i put my purse in the basket [i needed it to support my snocone so it wouldn't fall over!] and rode off. 

i also wanted to capture this cute experience so i took pictures...because well what is the point of this blog but to show a little insight to a cute life right ? :] and to show positive, happy things that make people smile.

and what, might i ask is the possibility that someone doesn't become instantly happy at the thought of bike rides to the snocone shack?! i'll tell you: SLIM TO NONE.

oh also i forgot to add that i went to barnes and noble tonight! YAY! i hadn't been there in so long and it was amazing to see everybody i used to work with. i especially missed sarah j. however i got her phone number AND email so i will be catching up with my favorite lady from barnes and noble very, VERY soon :] and the thought of that makes me even more happy. 

when i was there, i purchased "peter and the secret of rundoon" by dave barry & ridley pearson. it is the third in that series. can i just tell you that it is one of my favorite series of books besides harry potter. its about how peter pan became peter pan! basically everything from peter pan and the story behind it. you know...how it came to be. its not like the original "peter pan" novel. no no no. its about peter pan, as a boy, and how he develops into peter, how tinkerbell becomes tinkerbell, how neverland was found, the lost boys, etc., etc., etc. 


today was such a good day :]



  1. I found that although the Barry/Pearson books are fun adventures on their own, as prequels to 'Peter Pan' they fall WAY short. Pan had a backstory (from Barrie) and they completely ignore it. What's more, they have a TON of mistakes as compared to Barrie's original stories. How they can be so disrespectful of classic literature and another author is just crazy.

    There is a faithful continuation of Barrie's work, based on his own notes for more:
    And then there's a great "What If?" adventure for Wendy:
    Both great reads! :D


  2. Seriously how cute are you & your blog!? :-) That series looks fun & I'm always looking for a fun new read, thanks for sharing :-)

    P.S. Don't snow cones make everything better :-)

  3. super cute bike!! I have a pink one that I don't ride nearly enough. I even bought a trunk rack for my car so I could take it somewhere to ride around. I think this means a trip to San Diego with my bike. Meet me there! We can ride our bikes, take pictures, and talk about cute things!


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