Tuesday, July 13, 2010


today for our field trip with the kids at the daycare we went to kana girl's hawaiian bbq !!! it was so yummy and delicious. its authentic, hawaiian food. trust me when i say...i will definitely be recommending this to everyone. obviously i haven't talked about any restaurants enough to the point of which they get their own special little entry...but this place was entirely a great experience.

keoni [who is in one of the picture's below anddd he owns it with his wife Kana, hence the name kana girl's] was seriously so amazing with all of the kids! they set up our field trip within an hour of realizing today was our day to come and it couldn't have gone any more smoothly. not only was keoni insanely nice, he was so outgoing, and extremely funny. keoni, kana, and their son [who works there too] made our experience fabulous. they taught us all these things about hawaii, how they barbecue things, the types of food there, and about all the culture! 

plus you KNOW you can trust the food being authentic because keoni grew up in hawaii! i didn't get a chance to ask kana, but either way the food is AMAZING :]

if you ever get a chance to go here i certainly suggest you do :] you won't leave unhappy and your day will be SOOO much better after you leave. trust me! 

mahalo kana girl's for such a fabulous time.
i'll be seeing you soon!


ps...this place gets even more extra points because keoni had seen "forgetting sarah marshall" <--- one of my favorite movies, ANDDD he told me where they filmed it! SO EXCITED!

p-double-s...here are some words i learned in hawaiian:

aloha - hello/goodbye [but really it means to exchange breath!]
mahalo - thank you
ohana - family

p-triple-s here are some review sites of kana girl's :]

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