Thursday, July 01, 2010

hello hello july july

well hello july...fancy seeing you here !

yesterday i had such a marvelous day! it was so much fun. i feel like everytime i visit the library i get a little happier inside. it makes me feel like when i was little (mostly because i still spend ALL my time in the kids' section). it also reminds me of my days at barnes and noble when i ran the children's department. oh how i miss that job. kids' books are seriously one of the best things ever. lovvve it. what are your favorite kids' books?! [picture book and/or regular chapter book]

i wish i could have gotten a better picture of the front but i snapped one real quick and then i took two pictures of the parking lot because i'm lame and think the parking lot is so pretty. is that weird? "i think the parking lot is so pretty." hahaha. i feel like people don't usually say that but...appreciate the little things right? :]

anyways...i need to get myself a library card here. i used to read SO often and now i feel like i never have time and well...i just don't anymore. its sad really :/ but i'll get back into it! don't worry! and when i do i'll be posting all my fabulous reads for everyone to see :]


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  1. Favorite kids books: "The Stinky Cheese Man," "The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig," "The True Story of the Three Little Pigs," the entire "Olivia" series, and the entire series of "Baby Sitters Club" plus soooo many more!


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