Thursday, July 01, 2010

alive after five & ecstasy water

in addition to my day that was already fantastic, it became even better when one of my closest friends rachel & i went to alive after five. i don't think there is one person who can sit there and tell me that the combination of tons of people, live music, and getting to be in the beautiful sunshine, couldn't be fun. unless you are unfortunately an albino or someone who can't be in the sun...or if you hate music...or if you're an introvert then i really don't think anyone can say they hate alive after five! 

anyways it was such a good time. i met new friends and saw people i haven't seen in such a long while. i loved it. i really am looking forward to going next week! so cross your fingers that i don't work.

not only is alive after five good for the music, and everything else i mentioned, it is a PERFECT place for people watching. this is why the entry is called "alive after five & ecstasy water." the man in the floral shorts in the pictures below was dancing around in front of the stage spraying everyone with his two water bottles. he seemed like he was on ecstasy or maybe just reallyyyy feeling the music. rachel and i referred to the water in the bottle though as ecstasy water because we were SURE he put some in there and was trying to get everyone to feel the music in the way that he was. hahaha love it. 

hopefully see you there next week!


ps see if you can spot the john gosselin look alike in the fourth picture.

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