Tuesday, August 03, 2010

buenos dias august ;]

hello august!!! goodness sakes i cant believe ive been so absent from this lately. 
and i absolutely cannot believe its august third. do you realize christmas is only four months and twenty-two days away? thats insane :] however it is so so exciting.

sunday night my sister rylee and i had a girls night. we rented the bounty hunter with jennifer aniston and gerard butler and let me just tell you...its is AMAZING. i absolutely adore jennifer aniston. not to mention gerard butler...what a hunk :]

i thought i'd share some of their pictures with you just because i think they are two of the most beautiful people in the world. oh and i also think jennifer aniston has one of thee most killer bodies ever. apparently she used "the zone" to get into shape and transform her life. i bought it yesterday and will be starting it this week! ill keep you posted with my results. 

i hope everyone has been doing fabulous. 

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