Wednesday, November 10, 2010

hello little kingston

yesterday my best friend cricky and i decided to go adopt an animal. we ended up adopting a little dachsund-chihuahua mix :] and we named him kingston. we have the cutest son in the world.  lucky kingston has two mommy's now ! basically hes got ellen degeneres and portia de rossi as his parents. the cutest little lesbian couple ever. that'd be me and cricky, minus the lesbian, minus the couple, add the best friend. 

heres some cute photos we got yesterday of him :]

hi mom!

snuggling in between the seatbelt and the jacket !

already loving christmas.

all clean from the bath

new sweater!

yes his satchel has skittles in it

snuggling into mama crick's hair.

jus hanging out with mommy kaileigh :]


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  1. omg what an adorable puppy! good luck with him, he is so cute. I want more updates on him since I am thinking of a puppy in the future, not sure, I hear it's a lot of work and obviously I know that it is but my boys would love one too :)


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