Wednesday, September 08, 2010


ive been thinking so much lately.
its insane actually to think about everything thats been racing through my mind. one thing i have been thinking about is how much i still want to open my own cupcake shop. i adore them. they're absolutely the cutest thing in the entire world (if decorated right). i don't know how anyone could hate a cupcake. i mean...yes...not all of them taste great. whoever said you have to eat it though right?! CANT WE ALL JUST LOOK AT A CUPCAKE AND SMILE?! i know i do. anyways. here's some lovely little cupcakes to keep that smile bright and shining.

oh and hello amazing little online shops! they sell anything/everything cupcakes!

and here is my favorite find just now ! i just got a new blackberry and as they say "everything happens for a reason"...well...maybe my reason for getting a blackberry (unbeknownst at the time) was so that i could buy myself this blackberry carrying case :] 


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