Friday, May 20, 2011

a lesson in shortening words aka being cool

alright alright so ive been using some words lately that some of you but most of you may not understand. hopefully my closest friends do considering that they have been using them too and that would be just silly to say words that you dont understand. so i compiled a list of words with their meanings and examples of how they would be used in a sentence. feel free to add any of your own.

perfect - perf
   example: holy cow his hair is so perf.

usual - (pronounced yousjuh) not quite sure how to spell it
   example: oh i havent been up to much. just the usje. (once again spelling this is weird.)

no big deal - nbd
   example: i hungout with garrett hedlund last night...nbd.

red velvets - red velvs
   example: yea i'll take a dozen red velvs.

obvious/obviously - obv
   example: i watch dirty dancing everyday obv !

totally - totes
   example: "did you buy the new land before time movie?" "you mean number 27? totes!"

sprinkles - sprinks
   example: "did you want sprinks on that dark chocolate cupcake?"

regular - reg
    example: i do yoga on the reg.

precious - presh
   example: that dress is so presh on you.

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