Monday, May 16, 2011

oh to be in love again...

ive been kinda been in odd moods lately. remember how i posted that blog lately saying that i have felt off? im still feelinb that way! i dont know why really. 

actually, i do know why. just memories and things that have come up that make me remember a love i lost. i wish so badly that i could be in love with someone again.  i love being in love and i love loving someone.  i love doing all the little things to make someone else happy.  there is literally nothing like coming home to a person who loves you and is so excited to see you and then you can return that same excitement and happiness and comfort.

i just miss having a noah to my ally. i love the notebook. some of you may have seen previous entries about me loving love, but this actually may be the most recent post ive written about love in about a year. i figured it was about time.  i want a love like the notebook. seriously, to this date, that movie remains one of my all time favorite movies. its so genuine and anyone who says that love like the one in that movie doesn't exist...they are either bitter or extremely pessimistic because i have seen that love and i have experienced a love for someone like that.

lately i have been thinking a lot about being in love again. ive been thinking that maybe just maybe the person i once loved IS the person i am supposed to be with no matter whats happened...i dont know how to tell the difference of a gut feeling or me just wishing i could give my love to someone so badly that i would still choose him if i had to choose someone. does that make sense? it wouldn't be settling though. please don't think of it as that. but it would be a comfort to choose him because i have felt safe and loved before from said person.

i don't know. i don't know. i don't know. we shall see i guess. i just hate being patient sometimes. i know that there is a GREAT love out there for me. just waiting for it is growing tiring. anyways, here are some really great songs ive found lately. i hope you enjoy them.

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  1. I needed this today :) Just to know,you know :)
    damn patience


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