Thursday, May 26, 2011

who knew vegetarian food could be so delicious

last week i went to lunch with my dear friends micah and josie and josie's precious puppy melishka. im not sure how to spell her puppy's name but she is so sweet and darling. micah is a pescetarian, so we went to a vegetarian restaurant in scottsdale called green. looking at the place from the outside you would NEVER realize or even think to stop by. it was in a little strip of businesses in a dark grey building and a somewhat empty parking lot. i mean, i definitely would not have known this fantastic place really existed. so thank you to miss micah!

it was so delicious. i had the sweet and sour bowl, and i had vegetarian chicken in it. i was kind of nervous to try it. i mean...meat that isn't...meat? its weird to think about. but i will tell you now...i couldnt even tell a difference. it was wonderful.

you can bet i will definitely be eating there again.

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