Thursday, May 26, 2011

happy birthday to my favorite brothers

my dear friends jake and jordan had their birthday the other day. they were my first friends here in arizona. the two boys turned twenty-two (obviously they are twins thats why they have the same birthday duh.) anyways, we all went out to a bar called stray cat and after we went over to jake's house where all their friends came over. i brought them each a dozen red velvets with green dots on them from sprinkles (red velves and the color green are both of their faves).

most of the end of the night was kinda blurry (oopsies!) but i know what i did remember was pretty alright, even if i did get tackled and fell over a couch...and even if i burnt my hand on a lean cuisine when i got home (dont ask). i know i met a lot of beautiful people that night too and i know that i made a fool of myself a lot but as long as jordan and jake had a good night then thats all im worried about.

so happy birthday to two of my most favorite brothers. you'd be lucky to have friends like them in your life. so if you ever get the chance to meet them, don't take that for granted.

and a photoshoot in the "washroom" as josie calls it :)

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