Monday, May 02, 2011

birthday post

here are a few pictures from my fabulous birthday. i only have a few to post but it was such a great day.

i woke up and got coffee and a cupcake with my amazing friend jake. we got me a cute red candle to go with my birthday cupcake (a peanut butter chocolate chip cupcake), and jake's cupcake (cinnamon sugar). did you know at dutch bros they give you a free drink for your birthday? ANYTHING YOU WANT. it was great!

after this i dropped jake off at his house, and came back and wrote that plethora of posts to update everyone on my life here. then, brynne and i ventured to california pizza kitchen and ate some dinner. to walk off some of our food, we walked around tempe marketplace where we ventured inside of an art gallery. we then went to the store and purchase some drinks and a shirt for that night. at about 830 we headed back over to jake's house and the festivities began. it was so much fun. my best friend from boise, jaemi, was even there. she is the one who is moving in with me next week down here. oh and to make my night even better...i got to wear my minnie mouse ears.

BEST BIRTHDAY TO DATE. thank you everyone who helped make it special.

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