Friday, May 20, 2011

fabulous feature friday !!

so today i am featuring another one of my new friends here in arizona. her name is ashely hanson and she is sooo naturally pretty its insane! im really excited that she was the first one to write me back about featuring someone today for the blog for my new feature friday posts. not only does she work at sprinkles with me, she works at j. crew as well. hello how amazing is that store? i can tell that she and i are going to have a great friendship and i am lucky to have her here in arizona.

here are ten things that make ashley very, very happy:

1. marc jacobs bargains
2. cute boys
3. seafood/sushi
4. friends and family
5. the beach
6. a good run
7. laughing so hard she pees her pants and being goofy
8. corny jokes
9. flowers
10. getting into good trouble

oh and she just informed me she forgot one!

11. concerts

so there you have it. a little insight into ashley's happiness.  what are some things that make you happy?
if you'd like to be featured feel free to e-mail me your happy list { }

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