Friday, May 06, 2011

feeling a tad bit off

have you ever had those weeks where you just feel off? or even just days when you don't feel like yourself? i feel like the past week i have been feeling exactly like that. and i dont like it. im trying to get back into the swing of things. i mean there is so much to be happy about. so to try and feel more positive and happy i have composed a list of things that have made me happy this week.

1. i started officially working at sprinkles! i was training before but now i officially on the schedule.
2. i have gotten to hang out with my new friend kylie twice already. she is adorable and so cute! she recently started blogging as well
3. kylie and i have made plans to do a bake entry once week that we will both feature on our blogs.
4. i watched love actually last night. well most of it...i was playing "words with friends" at the same time so it became a little distracting.
5. i started my healthy diet. i have been doing really well on it and have already lost 2.2 pounds. i am so excited!
6. i found a half marathon that i am thinking about training for. if you know me, you know that i hate running. i kind of want to do it so that i can just say that i ran a half marathon once in my life.
7. the half marathon I'm considering running takes place in disneyland. its the tinkerbell half marathon.
8. i am loving being healthy. 
9. i have been fast food free for three days and my body feels great.
10. the other night at work we had extra cupcakes leftover that were mess-ups from the new people being trained as frosters the other day. i got to take home thirty-three. they're all in my freezer don't worry.

ps here are some photos i found that i think are so sweet and adorable.


  1. I don't run, it makes the ice fall out of my glass...

  2. hahahahaha. so true. plus now it would shake the baby! DONT SHAKE THE BABY! haha.


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