Thursday, May 19, 2011

random thoughts on my unfocused day

yesterday i was at work extremely bored on my break and i thought of some random things to tell all of you. here goes:

-sometimes i wish i spoke multiple languages or that i could read lips.  that way whenever someone with an accent talked to me, i could understand them and not say "what?" repeatedly.

-have you ever noticed how adorable little children with accents are? especially little boys with british accents! i would move to england for the soul purpose that my children could be all the more cute with a little accent. AND you can bet that i would dress them up as a different harry potter character every halloween.

-i am ninety-seven percent positive i want to live in denver for the rest of my life. thats a big statement but i would love to own my own house in the cherry creek neighborhood.

-when i am able to buy my own house i want to have a cute little one story with a pretty front yard that has a big tree in it.

-i still would love to be a wedding planner. once i move away from arizona, i plan on moving to denver to do just that.

-has anyone ever noticed how amazingly good looking garrett hedland is? he is in the movie tron and in the movie country strong. my friend kristen told me about him the other day and HELLO he is the new secret celebrity crush of mine. dear garrett can we please meet some day? thanks.

-i finally started paying off my debt! im so excited. i have quite a bit to pay off but if i stay disciplined i will get it all paid in no time!

-a wall color for my room has been chosen. GREEN! im not sure when ill be painting it but obviously ill be putting pictures up when i do.

-miranda kerr is so incredibly gorgeous and she is married to orland bloom and they have a baby together. thats a whole lot of beautiful going on there.

thats about it for my random thoughts. hope youre having a fabulous day !

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  1. Seriously, you crack me up! The 2nd random thought especially today had me rolling . . .


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