Wednesday, May 25, 2011

is there an over the counter treatment for homesickness?

they say home is where you heart is. my heart isn't in boise though i don't think. so why am i so homesick? maybe my heart is there and i just needed to move here to figure that out. im not sure. but what i am sure of is that i miss my mom. i miss my best friends rachel and sabra. i miss my sisters, my family, working at the daycare.

being here has opened me up to a new adventure and i have met so many wonderful people. i am so appreciative of that and i would never change it for the world. moving away from home though has just got me feeling really homesick. one thing i was thinking about today as far as what i miss was having boise be so comfortable. i know all the streets, roads, shortcuts. i know so many people there. i used to hate the fact that i could never go anywhere without running into someone. but now i miss that. i still dont know a lot of people here and i haven't been able to do that with anyone here. i think though that maybe moving away was what i needed to appreciate the great things i had there. then again, there are definitely some things about boise i don't miss. perhaps i just miss the idea of boise? im not sure. but today i am just missing EVERYTHING about boise.

i was talking to my lovely friend ashley (ive feature her before) and my amazing best friend rachel about all of it too. ugh i miss my rachel (ive featured her also here and here and a few more places!). rachel is just one of those friends who is always so honest with you and supportive and caring. they both made me feel a lot better about today and missing home.

ashley told me "you can always come back and you are somewhere are missing out on NOTHING here. dont let your past steal your present kaileigh:) just keep looking forward! you moved.. thats the hardest part! now focus on all the possibilities." to this i replied "youre right. my past just holds so many comforts i took for granted, but i cant let that affect all the memories i could be making." and then with that ashley said back to me (and i love this):

"you said it yourself though it was "comfortable" dont confuse that with happiness just because its comfortable does not mean it is right for you. life isnt supposed to be comfortable, its supposed to be EXCITING!"

and for that i love her. my whole day became so much better because of my conversation with her. i just need to go home and visit boise asap. also i did decide that my heart is in boise. sometimes i wish it wasn't though.


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  2. Hang in there chica! This comes with any big move (I felt the exact same thing when I moved to San Fran!) but it will get better! Keep yourself busy and meeting new people and Arizona will become your new Boise :) I want to come visit you soon! :)


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