Monday, June 21, 2010

flower shopping at the saturday market

it was such a beautiful saturday outside! i had the day off from work at anthropologie so one of my closest friend's, rachel, and i went to the saturday market! it was so fun! it was only about two blocks long but it had some of the cutest things there.

my grandma who lives in new jersey is coming into town on wednesday! hopefully she will want to come with me to the market. its so adorable. who wouldn't want to go?



  1. i LOOOVE it when they have the peonies at the market..thay are my FAVORITE!!!

  2. i wanna go :)

  3. ah me too abbie! i bought some but then ever so dumbly left them in my car while i went to idaho fry co. :/ they wilted and haven't recovered since :[


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