Tuesday, June 15, 2010

if loving fashion is a crime, i plead guilty

well. to be quite honest i wasn't sure what i wanted to write about today. i have spent the past twenty minutes trying to figure out what i wanted to say and i couldn't come up with anything. im not in one of those moods where i am automatically ready to just write, write, write BUT maybe once i get going i won't be able to stop. at least i'm hoping this is what happens.

i guess i figured the easiest way to choose something to write about, is to think of things i love that are easy to talk about. perfect plan, right?! RIGHT :) so here i am...sharing a little with you, all of the things i would love to add to my wardrobe.  on some pieces i will write what i love about them. others, not so much. i think some of these pieces speak for themselves. so here we go!

now...i hardly, rarely, ever...okay never, shop at DELIAS.  but to be quite honest they have RATHER CUTE things. so these next few are from delias.

this dress is so adorable. how could anyone not fall in love with it? it'd be perfect with a cute red pair of flats or a pair of cowboy boots.  i already have the cowboy boots in my closet. now i need to go find the perfect red flats.  if you love this dress too, i'll make it easier for you to find it. tada :) as for the shoes i have shown here...they're not exactly the ones i'd pick out for this dress. i was thinking more of a mary-jane type. at least you can see though how a red shoe would be absolutely lovely with this!

awh yes...my favorite store ANTHROPOLOGIE !!! i didn't even tell you i work there now! its the best job i have ever had. i've been working there since march of this year and i love it with all my heart. we will talk more about that in upcoming entries though. 

for some reason it won't let me put any of the pieces i will be spending my entire next paycheck on here. i'm really disappointed because they were so cute. on a positive note: at least i got to put the link in there so you can go look at whatever pieces YOU choose! but lets see, maybe i can describe a few. there was a loose, white, embroidered top. also, a pink, strapless dress that had white polka dots (hello minnie mouse!); accompanied by yellow shoes and you've got the perfect disney minnie mouse!

moving onto NORDSTROM'S which always has CUTE apparel ... can you say hello lover! to these beautiful sandals. i'd match these with anything really.
this top is from modcloth! i feel like this shoe would look amazing paired with a top like this:

now for a bunch of randoms that i love!

 i dont have time to make them all perfect with links to each site so if you have any questions just ask me! i will try to figure out where each is from for you! its just that i have to try to fall asleep within the next fifteen minutes because i have to get up at 6 am! and trust me...i've been needing lots of sleep lately. i hope everyone has a beautiful morning, day, evening (whenever you're reading this!).


ps what pieces are you most excited to add to your summer wardrobe? and where do you like to shop at?!

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