Monday, June 28, 2010

helloooooooo SUNSHINE

work has been keeping me OH SO BUSY lately so sadly...i haven't put up a new entry everyday like i've been wanting to. the fact that my macbook has completely died on me is another big reason too! i really need to run that thing into the mac store so they can see what's wrong with it. it would be AMAZING to be able to have a new macbook but at the same'd be so much cheaper to just get it completely fixed.
so i guess we will see whats wrong with it and go from there!

the sun is so gorgeous out today! its 100 degrees out though! YIKES! AY YI YI! HOLY MOLEE! thank goodness idaho is not known for its humidity (considering we're a desert) or we would be completely donezo since humidity not only makes it feel even hotter out than it is...but then you get sticky too. 

no thanks!

i wish i could go lay out at the pool right now though. my cousin annie is here from denver! she has such a cute blog as well. it's all about inserting positivity into her day to day life and finding something that made her happy. plus she does photography and so sometimes she will put little bits of her work on there. i highly recommend checking her out HERE !

i don't have any cute pictures from today but if i get a chance to take some later i will put up what my day was like :] 

but for now i leave you with these :


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  1. i adored this one too! also- i would die if my macbook went kaput. devastating!


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