Friday, June 11, 2010

love to love the sound of music

so many things i love about listening to music. so many bands to love. so many types. so many amazing qualities.

what is it about music?! it can put you in a mood to be motivated, lazy, excited! it sometimes makes me want to just get right off the couch and dance my little heart out. lately i have been listening to a lot of:

1. the counting crows.
2. kings of leon (forever and always DUH!)
3. country (anything country!)
4. cocorosie
5. coconut records
6. bon iver.
7. jack johnson
8. she & him

its mostly all put into the indie/alternative genre (except for country which is obviously a genre in and of itself) but i guess im just in an indie, free spirit mood lately. something about jack johnson just does wonders for the mind. if anyone wants to feel RELAXED and LAIDBACK, i highly recommend turning on some jack johsnon, painting a picture, doing some form of art, or even if you just feel in the mood for a large dose of ACOUSTIC AMAZING MUSIC. :)

Also for the person who'd like to feel relaxed...bon iver, damien rice, & iron and wine, make for an amazing mix while taking a bath with a glass of wine or two or three. ;)

what artists are you listening to lately? i'd love to hear what everyone is gravitating towards or even what music puts you in a certain mood!


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  1. i love me some jack in the summer time.
    noah & the whale is always brilliant too.
    and vampire weekend.
    and beirut.
    and zee shins.


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