Wednesday, February 23, 2011

dear little cupcakes, you tiny pieces of heaven

this past weekend my best friend sabra's boyfriend went to new york city...just because he felt like it. jeeze wouldn't that be nice? :) anyways i told him that he MUST get a cupcake at magnolia's and a cupcake from crumb's bakeshop. i told him that magnolia's on bleeker street was a must however because the two magnolia's locations are somewhat different tasting AND the whole experience is different too. seeing as though (and im pretty sure im correct on this) that almost every crumb's taste the same, i didn't tell him which crumb's specifically he should go to.

anyways not only did he go to magnolia's on his first night there...he brought back cupcakes from both places for sabra and i. i am so excited and ecstatic! it was seriously so kind. i have been missing new york city so much lately, so i feel like this little slice of my favorite place on the planet was exactly what i needed to tide me over until summer.

i shared one of the peanut butter one's from crumb's with sabra.  this happened when i went to go pick mine out this afternoon. we couldn't figure out some of the random flavor's james (her boyfriend) had picked out so of course...we smelled tested them. i smelled peanut butter and chocolate mixed together on the one we shared, so we HAD to eat it right then and there :) confession: these cupcakes did turn out somewhat better than mine, but do keep in mind these bakeries have had YEARS and YEARS of cupcake concocting perfection!

now as you can see below, there are many, many, many pictures taken of me with these cupcakes. "WHY DIDNT YOU JUST TAKE ONE OR TWO AND CALL IT A DAY?" you ask. well, the answer to this is that i am somewhat of a perfectionist. i also have a difficult time making little decisions sometimes(...okay a lot of times) so i couldn't just pick one THUS RESULTING in me including (for your viewing and laughing benefit) basically every single picture i tried to take and make just perfect. YOU'RE WELCOME. :)

anyways i hope everyone has been having a fabulous week so far!!! enjoy my amazing (not so much) mac photobooth-ing skills!


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