Thursday, February 17, 2011

things i love this thursday

here is a list of things i am in love with this thursday. i decided thursdays will be the day i share my favorite things with you. why? because things and thursday both start with the same two letters. its as simple as that. no need to complicate it.




5. sharpies!

[now i'm not getting married or anything. not even close. but i adore this entire blog so completely.]

7. also if you haven't seen the website stumble upon...i highly recommend it. you are missing out on a lot in your life if you haven't seen this yet.i have found so many neat and exciting things on here! you wouldn't even believe it. FOR i found out that coke products are now going to be packaged in rectangular bottles as a way to become more green and promote easier recycling. also by clicking on this site, i can easily rhyme one word with another. now yes, this may be completely pointless information.

8. all the seasons of the office. i haven't watched every season fully since after season three but the past three days since i have been pretty sick, i have been watching them. im currently almost through with disc 1 of season 4. love it. so funny :)

anyways. those are just eight things that i love this thursday. next week i will be back with some more.

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